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Getting Google Adsense Approval Fast

Although it is difficult to get Google Adsense Approval in matter of few days, once you get the approval, you will be in a lot of advantage.If you are planning to gain Google Adsense Approval, then glide through this post, as we are here to tell you about:Easy and quick ways to get the approvalAll those niches which you can useExtra things you can extract out of Google Adsense

Getting Google Adsense Approval
Let us start off by sharing with you our wonderful experience with Google Adsense.

This was a time when we had our first Adsense Account Approval. Excited and amazed as we were, we began to experiment with the account, only to gain the disappointment of not earning anything, and getting the account banned a few times. The ban did not shatter our hopes, however, as we applied the steps mentioned in this article to gain the approval again.

With two months of use, we were not able to make much money when we used the Blogging Niche. Our earnings dramatically escalated, however, as we shifted our niche from blogging to Event one.

Let us now share the steps we used to get our Approval.

How to get a fast Google Adsense Approval

Even if you have a blog with an experience of more than six months, you will have to work really hard to get the approval. Below is the list of the things you need to get a quick approval:

  1. Content of a high quality
  2. A few important pages
  3. Improved navigation
  4. Usage of no extra ads
  5. Attention of US viewers

Content of a high quality

When applying for an approval, you might have come across a message saying that you do not have enough content on your blog. This message from Google does not mean that you need to add extra content on you website. Rather, the message appears when you have poorly-written content on the blog.

In order to prevent yourself from getting the message, you should:

–        Insert your keywords in the headings, initial paragraphs and the titles.

–        Write posts with word length greater than 500 words.

–        Use Alt Tags for images

–        Have a 2-3 keyword density

Important Pages

Before you apply for Adsense approval, make sure you work reasonably well on the following pages:

  • About       (Must)
  • Contact Us (Must)
  • Privacy Policy (Must)
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions

Here the first three pages hold more importance and should be updated first.

  1. About

While the About Us page holds less importance for Google, it is always better to add quality content to the page to describe yourself to the viewers.

    2. Contact Us

Contact Us pages usually have a few lines of contact details. However, in order to gain the approval, extra content on the page needs to be added. You can add details of alternate means of contact, and the time frame in which to expect a reply from you.

  1. Privacy Policy

If you do not have a privacy policy yet, add one as soon as you can. A privacy policy page helps build a good impression in front of Google, as it helps build trust among the viewers.

If you wish to create a privacy policy page, search for “Privacy Policy Generator”, add your URL and email address, and paste the policy generated on your page.

Improved Navigation

In order to give your readers more exposure and a better experience on your blog, make sure you add an attractive theme and improve the navigation. You can add popular comments and posts on your blog to get better navigation.

Remove Extra Ads

If you want to gain approval, make sure you do not put any ad on your blog other than that of Google. Hence remove all the ads of Chikita, Media.net or ads of any other network, as Google would only want to see its own ads on your blog. You should also remove all the pop-ups and Facebook subscriptions, as this too can reduce your chances of getting the approval.

Targeted US Traffic

In order to please Google and to increase your chances of approval, you need to drive targeted US traffic. Try driving the traffic from search engines or from social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Niches which will prove to be beneficial for you

–        Health Niche: It has a high CPC

–        Tech and Law Niches: They both have high CPC and CPM

–        Education and Dating Niches: They both have low CPC but a high CTR

–        Funny Niches: They have high CTR and reasonable CPC

Make more money out of Google Adsense

Once you gain the approval, try the tips mentioned below to increase your income:

–      Use keywords with high CPC and CPM

–      Make sure your ads are put above the fold

–      Ads should be present around the keywords

–      Use Google DFP

These are the tips which helped us gain quick approval, and enabled us to earn more. Follow these tips and you will see the results soon.