How to Transfer Files from Computer to Smartphone

How to Transfer Files from Computer to Smartphone FILE TRANSFER AND WIRES File transfer is where you transmit files of data, software, etc. from a source to a destination. Transferring files from over the internet is easy enough, but transferring files from one hardware or gadget to another, without the use of wires and cables, is a different thing altogether. Let’s say you would like to transfer some music files that you have downloaded in your computer to your smartphone, for easier, mobile listening, and you don’t have the necessary cables for it. Or, you would simply like to look for a way to transfer files easily without going through the hassle of wires . With Windows, you can transfer files from one computer to another, but you will have to go through WordGroup which entails the same wiring setup, too, so it’s basically the same.

How to Transfer Files from Computer to Smartphone


If you’re one of those people who would really rather not deal with these things, the thing you need is AnySend, which is a site from which you can download an application that will allow you to share files from one device to another. They make it all as easy as 1) copying a file; 2) pasting it to a device; and voila! 3) You’re done! Once you download it, do these steps:

1)      Install the software to your Windows, Android, or IOS platform;

2)      Run the program from the Windows main menu and it will constantly run in your system memory;

3)      To transfer files, copy the particular file or folder;

4)      Select the device by clicking on its icon from the AnySend menu system tray;

5)      The transfer process initiates and will continue until done.

Once you have downloaded it to your device, it will all be as easy as that. They have specific applications for Windows, Android, Mac, iPad and iPhone, and the like. It will be worth your while, try it!