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Complete Guide From Link Building to Link Earning

Complete Guide From Link Building to Link Earning

What is Link Building and what is Link Earning? If you don’t know about this, then continue to reading after this you will clear about both link building and link earning.

If you are Creating High-Quality links, then Stop working on Link Building and start working on Link Earning. Link Earning is to make awesome and trustworthy content and promote this like a crazy.

Big companies do not build Link they earn Links and earn Google Trust, But how they earn Links, today we discuss this in this article.

What is the difference between Link Building and Link Earning, the image is given below in this picture we try to clarify the difference.

Complete Guide From Link Building to Link Earning

Why You have a Wish to Earn Links?

This question is very common that always we hear from our clients. There are some reasons behind this that we discuss below.

  1. Huge Numbers of Visitors: if your site gets links organically then it helps you to get more and more traffic on your website.
  2. Brand Recognition or Awareness:  With the help of this process you spread your brand name to the others that are very helpful for your website traffic. The best example is New York Times or others sites like this when you hear this name then immediately one thing came in your mind that is “NEWS”.
  3. Brand Authority: If you think links doesn’t matter then you are totally wrong. Links are very important for your Brand or Site authority and value. So that you always need the valuable links for your website to boost your site rank in Search Engines.

Keep in mind that link Earning is not a Marketing Trick, It is the name how you will make authority in your online Community that encourages the users to share your post or site with love and make a relationship with your brand.

Differences Between Link Building & Link Earning:

If we say, Link Building and Link Earning is not different things that are not wrong because of they are the sides of the one picture. And in this Link Earning is the front side that is very colorful and powerful because they increase the beauty. Link Earning is that links that build the others and links building are that links those build you for your website ranking or authority. Keep in mind that Google hates the Link Building because if we say this is the Black Hat SEO method that is not wrong. That’s why always try to Earn Links for your website.

Complete Guide From Link Building to Link Earning

How you can Earn Links

How you can Earn Links for your brand or your website there are some tricks below.

1. Super Cool Content:

First thing is always to use super cool content for your site that attracts the users and give them valid Information. A study explains that the top 10 websites put the content up to 2,000 words. This is not the hard and fast rule for the content this is just a study.

2. Appealing Material:

Use Appealing Material in your website content that makes the user interest and user love to visit your website again and again for other different articles or information.

3. Offer Free Resources:

This is the old trick that is used nearly all top ranking websites owners, most of the time you visit that type of website when you scroll down then you see the free offer that is related to your article or niche that attract you, and you put the email and download that offer. Same thing you also do for your website and offer the related stuff to your visitor or user, this stuff must be useful that appeal the user visit your website to the next time.

5. USE Engaging Visuals:

If your content has relevant images, then you will get 90% more views than your content without and relevant images. So, use relevant images, infographics or memes in your content.

6. Build Community:

Build a Community that trusts on your brand and happy with your brand. If you have strong Community, then you get ideal customers. Your community also helps you to spread your brand in friends and family that give you the huge traffic. Encourage your visitor to do comments and join your community.

7. Create Tools:

Creating tools or pool, quiz extension or something like this for your brand. When your visitor or user like your free tool then maybe it share or use this tool on another website, then you Earn unlimited Links. But this method needs your audience needs.


No doubt Google still rank if you build Links for your website, but they are risky for your website authority and value. There are many ways to Earn Links easily that organically make your website links and help you to rank higher in Search Engines and secure your website from any danger and Google penalty. Good Webmasters always less focus manual link building. They always focus on delivering awesome content and help the community. Make your Brand Long Time Business.

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