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On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet | Best Practices for On-Page Optimization

 OnPage SEO Cheat Sheet For Best Practices for On-Page Optimization

Past few years, Google has released various updates about to their searching and ranking algorithm. Most popular updates are Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. After these updates, most of the top website ranking down because the factors of ranking are totally changed.On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

At this time Onpage is the one of the most important factors of ranking if your site has strong Onpage SEO then you will rank in search engines easily.

When we think about onpage Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then I am sure you have heard about keyword density and meta tags.

If you are looking about best Onpage SEO Cheat Sheet, then you are on RIGHT place.

On Page SEO 16 Key OnPage SEO Factors That Search Engines & users Loves

1. Use Search Engine Friendly URLs in Articles:

If you use Focus Keywords in your Permalink, then Google gives your article more Importance. So, make your article permalink SEO Friendly, and your focus or main keyword must be in the Post/Page URL.

Avoid This Type of Urls:

  • aamiriqbalonline.com/p=12345
  • aamiriqbalonline.com/8/6/16/cat=SEO/how-to-out-rank-your-compipitor-in-2017

Try to use this type of URL:

  • aamiriqbalonline.com/On-Page-SEO-Cheat Sheet

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet - Use SEO-Friendly URLs For Articles

2. Start Post Title With Your Focus Keyword:

Making the best Tite is the not easiest task, but if you try some tricks, then you can make the best title for your post or Article. Firstly start your post title with your main keyword and try to make title long but title length must be less than 60 words. This method increases your article weight in search engines and gives you the benefit.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet | Post Title With Your Focus Keyword

3. Add Modifiers in Your Article Title:

Try to use Modifiers in your article like “best,” “2016”, “quick” and “review” that modifiers also help’s to rank better in Search Engines.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet Add Modifiers To Your Title

4. Your Post Title in an H1 Heading Tag:

Your heading tagline must be in H1 tag. Most of the WordPress themes automatically add the H1 heading tag to your blog post title. But some WordPress themes skip this setting. If you want to Check your site post title heading tag in code click ctrl+u and then ctrl+f and put the h1 and find the title. For more the image in given below that give you an idea.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag

5: Impress with Multimedia:

Text or content just take your content higher but if you want to reduce your bounce rate then try to use images, related videos or other stuff that engage the user.

6: USE Subheadings in H2 Heading:

Try to use H2 heading in your content once that also gives you the positive benefit but keep in mind that this h2 heading tag also has your main keyword.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet USE Subheadings in H2

7: Use Keyword in Your Post First Paragraph:

Yes, this is the very effective strategy, when you write an article then try to use your main keywords in your 1st paragraph.

Use Keyword On-Page-SEO-Cheat-Sheet

8: Use Responsive Theme for your website:

Always use Responsive Theme for your blog or website because Google Penalize non-mobile friendly sites. So, try to use Responsive Themes for your website or blog.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet Use Responsive Design

9: Use Outgoing Links:

It is the comfortable and white hat SEO Trick gives you the huge traffic. If you give the related outbound links to your post or article, then it is easy for Google to determine that the topic of your article or your post.

10: Use Internal Links in your Article:

Internal links are most important for your article and also for your website ranking in search engines internal links are must be related to your article. The best example of internal linking is Wikipedia, in Wikipedia unlimited internal links are use, but they are Wikipedia I recommend a simpler & safe approach and make 4 to 5 internal links max in your post.

On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet Use Internal Links in your website post

11: Speedup Your Website:

Website Page loading speeds important SEO ranking factor. If you want to increase your website Speed, then you can use CDN, compress images, and other cache plugins, and most important are always choosing faster hosting server with 99.9% uptime. Make sure that your site does not take more than 4 seconds to load.

You can easily check your site loading speed using GTMetrix.com

Boost Site Speed On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

12: Spread Your Related Keywords in your Article:

This keywords also known as LSI keywords. Try to spread your LSI or related keywords in your Article because Google determines your article or post relevancy with the help of relevant keywords that you used in Article.

13: Optimize Images:

Use at least one image in your post and most important is put your focus keywords in Image alt text.

Optimize Images

14: Use Social Sharing Buttons:

Social sharing does not help you article to rank in Google or other search engines. Social signals are not an important part of ranking in Google, but social shares on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ may give you an indirect rankings boost.

15: Publish Long Content:

Length is the strength the latest SEO ranking factor, and our study proves this trick. If you make a long article, then your have the more chances to rank higher in Google.

Post Long Content On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet

16: Boost Stay Time:

If someone visits your website and go back immediately, then it is the bad sign for your site and their ranking because its give the signal to the google this web page does not have Quality content, and Google drops the ranking. So that try to give the quality content to your user and engage your user.

Here are a few more important onpage SEO factors:

  • Put Quality Content on your website.
  • Encourage user to do Blog Comments.
  • Try to Maximize Organic Clicks on your ads (Don’t try any clicks trick and tips)


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