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A Complete Event Blogging Case Study

Event blogging is the type of blogging which is most effective for the event that you want to target. In our case, I am describing event of “New Year” as it comes every year (Fortunately). So, event blogging for New Year can be a cause of major income for you if you settle down yourself by the right time and with the right efforts. I am describing it all because I have earned 600$ within some hours through the event of Christmas and my aim is to get more than 2000$ for New Year 2016 event. I want you guys to focus yourself like I did and follow the case study I am going to describe below. For the motivation, I am sharing the screen-shot of my Christmas event blogging.

Evenet Blogging

The list of keywords that I target is

the list of keywords

Now, let us discuss a case study about it.

How it works

Get something out of your mind first that nothing without hard work can go to the top of anything. I mean it because many of guys think that people like me do not work at all, but we work harder in the days when events are near. So, I am pointing and then I will explain a case study about event blogging for the upcoming event of “New Year” that how it can work for you with the right hard work and efforts. Describing those vital points are necessary and will be handy for everyone. So, here are points of my case study that you should follow.

  • Keyword research
  • Domain Parameters
  • Backlink Generation
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Monetization facts

Description of Case Study 

You will not find this kind of case study anywhere else because these guidelines can be achieved after hell of the efforts and work from the genuine dedication. So, do not underestimate this case study and if you think this research is worthy to share, then do not hesitate to share this research and help others too to make money.

Keyword research

The righteous way to do the keyword research is through the tool which allow manual keyword digging and research opportunities. The best tool is GreeHatWorld related Keyword Finder Tool and I always or you can say only use this tool for my keyword research work. Following keywords are the example of keyword research that I perform using this tool. So when I do keyword research about the word “New Year Event 2016” in GHW related keyword finder tool. Some of the best searches will be like

  • New Year 2016
  • New Year 2016 Images
  • New Year 2016 Pics
  • New Year 2016 SMS
  • Greeting New Year 2016
  • New Year Wishes

So, the thing about keyword research is that you need to focus for the best and perfect keyword which has the lowest competition because when you grab the keyword with the lowest competition, you have more chances to grab traffic. You must pick the word that has a lot of searches but the less of the competition. This can take a while but believe me the right keyword research is the tool to success. I hope you have understand what I wanted you to learn. In short, try to focus for a keyword with High search volume and Minimum Competition among all high search volume keywords. For the purpose to calculate the difficulty or competition of a keyword, I am using the tool with name Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool. The keyword with the difficulty of 20 or less than 20 will be ranked without any backlink. What you have to do is to make a great post with natural keyword density of minimum of 5%. (It means to use your keyword with the ratio of 5% of the other text of the article). I have made a list by digging keywords only for you guys by 2 days of hard work, you can download this from the this link

 A Complete Event Blogging Case Study

Domain Parameters

The age of a domain is the most crucial parameter in the case of blogging and if you are a blogger, then you can understand it all. It does not mean that you cannot earn anything at all. You can still rank your website to top 10 if you didn’t get started your website 6 months before the event. So, do not hesitate to start the work and keep up your head with the proper domain name. Now about domain name: you should select the right name according to your keyword and that will help you to boost the ranking of the keyword that you want to rank. Event blogging is different from general blogging because you have to use the parameters of SEO that can rank your website as soon as it is possible. That’s why use the name of your domain wisely and try to make it close enough to your main keyword. These 2 parameters about the domain are necessary.

Backlink Generation

In the field of blogging, if you want to rank your website higher than other competitors, you must focus on the backlinks for your website. More the number of Quality backlinks, more the boost to your website ranking to the specific keyword. There are a lot of ways to create backlinks to your website. The most easy and famous way to get fast backlinks is to purchase some great gigs from Fiverr.com about the social bookmarking service and that will cause a great relief and ease for you if you are not very good at it. Similarly you can create maximum web 2.0, you can do blog commenting and if you do not know about that too, purchase another gig from fiver.com about blog commenting and you can have that service in your hands without any effort. In short it is necessary for you to generate great backlinks and too many backlinks within some days if you want to get success in even blogging.

Geographic Targeting

It is necessary for you to map the right targeted traffic in your mind before you start the project. Many of us failed because they do not do this step right and without any consideration of it, they start their efforts in no direction. So, if possible, rank your keyword to that geographical area where you think that the keyword will generate a great amount of money. For example, if you can rank “New Year 2016” to the USA Google 1st result, then you cannot imagine the earnings you will get. For that purpose, select keywords for USA traffic for example “New Year Event 2015 in USA” and try to get backlinks from the local USA sites. Also, from webmaster tool, select the targeted traffic from USA.

Monetization Facts

Google AdSense is the best factor in the huge amount of earnings. When you make ready your blog for event blogging, keep one thing in mind that you must follow the rules of Google so that you will be able to use Google AdSense for your blog. This is the one and only monetization fact that you can use after understanding it all.

Useful Links

Useful links that I use for my event blogging to get to the top

QueryTool URL
Related Keyword Finderhttp://seotoolstation.com/related-keywords-finder/


Long Tail Keyword Finderhttp://seotoolstation.com/keywords-suggestion-tool


Keyword Difficulty Analysis Toolhttp://seotoolstation.com/seo-keyword-competition-analysis/


SEO Keyword Competitionhttp://greenhatworld.com/Seo-keyword-competition/


Article Spinnerhttp://greenhatworld.com/spinner/


Fiver Gig for Blog Commentinghttps://www.fiverr.com/chmtayyab/do-up-to-30-blog-comments-pr-2-to-pr6-6


Fiver Gig for Social Bookmarkinghttps://www.fiverr.com/chmtayyab/create-high-quality-bookmarking-backlinks




  • Related Keyword Finder tool will help you to find out some top searched related keywords of your keyword.
  • Long Tail Keyword Finder tool will help you to find long tail keywords for your keyword because long tail keyword can help you to target many keywords by using a single long tail keyword.
  • Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool is to analyze the competition of different keywords that you want to target.
  • SEO Keyword Competition tool is very helpful tool to find out the exact keyword competition (KC) value for our keywords.
  • Article Spinner is because I do not write articles in 2 days to full my website’s space. Actually you do not have time to write at all. So, what we have to do is to copy an article from a website and spin it through this tool that I mention and after spinning, paste it to your website and we are done.


Last Words

In the end, I just want to say Good luck for this blogging event of New Year after the Blogging event of Christmas. If some of you are already working in this field, feel free to share your experience. If you are new, then do not forget to leave feedback at MY SEO GROUP. I hope you guys have had a great time reading this. I tried my best to convey the whole idea of event blogging and how easily you can earn from it. So, please remember me in your prayers and Best of luck again and do not forget to download the list I have mentioned above.