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A Complete Review about Yellabot

Before, yellow pages are just piles and piles of books deemed useless by most people. They contain information regarding several people such as their contact details. However, nowadays, yellow pages play an important role in the industry of businesses, especially those operating online. Numerous records are being kept on the internet, which can then be accessed by anyone. Online yellow pages similarly function like the book versions: details and records can be accessed by you. People use yellow pages just to find different things and stuff. However, for online businesses and marketers, there are major function for yellow pages namely to gather leads as well as to build their database.

Normally, it really is impossible to gather or scrape millions of contents manually. However, there is a special software called Yellabot which can be used to scrape thousands of information and results in just a matter of minutes.


Yellabot really is a useful software. It can scrape many kinds of details with different formats. These file formats include those of comma separated value or .csv, XML, and MySql used for direct loading of database.

Yellabot information

Yellabot is also available to several countries including the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, and Austria. For this reason, Yellabot can be accessed by a lot of users, especially from these large countries.

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Before, when Yellabot was not still available for use, data scraping is really difficult since it is usually done manually. But when Yellabot was made public, the lives of data scrapers surely became a lot easier. If you are an operator of a business of a marketing agent, then you will really find Yellabot extremely useful and beneficial. You can no publish good business listings using your own domain, generate leads, create directories for your business, improve your SEO, start having a review site for your business, gather contact details of local businesses, gather the contact details of prospective clients and customers, collect addresses for marketing, and gather emails for addressing local businesses. Without a doubt, those aforementioned things that you can accomplish with Yellabot really is very beneficial, especially for businesses. In fact, those functions are so much more for businesses, which is why they really should make a use out of this amazing software.

Yellabot is also very user-friendly. You do not have to do a lot of things just to use this software and generate the benefits it can give you. First, you have to choose country. Second, perform the yellow page search embedded in your browser. Third, click “go” and wait for a few minutes while the magic is being generated. After that, voila! You have gathered hundreds or even thousands of details.

Such details include Name, Address, phone number, fax information, street, city, suburb, state, description, e-mail, URL, rating, longitude, google map, latitude, postal code, keywords, and location. Those details are surely very useful for businesses, which is why the Yellabot software is extremely useful. If you want to try the software o your own, then you could begin with the seven day trial. You will surely be impressed.