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Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

What is anchor text?

Definition in words:

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page that you are linking to, rather than generic text.

HTML code example:

<a href="aamiriqbalonline.com">This is anchor text!</a>

Descriptive Example:

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

Why Use Anchor Text?

The keywords that are in anchor texts are one of the signals to the search engines use to conclude this topic of a web page.

Use Descriptive Anchor Text:

Always use Descriptive Anchor Text Don’t Use ‘Click Here’ worlds. The W3C advise “don’t say

The W3C suggestion “don’t say click here” and also professional SEO Experts also recommend it, too.

If you are using link text like “go” or “click here,” then don’t use again because these types of links are meaningless in SEO. So that always try to use descriptive text.

For example, our opinion doesn’t use text like this

“To experience our exciting products, click here.”

This is not descriptive information for users, and you might be missing a chance to get votes for the site. For the rank batter, you need to use meaning full anchor text and link the pages or posts.

Instead of that use this text in link:

“Learn more about our search engine optimisation products.”

In this way, the links on your page will make sense to a browser and also for a screen reader.

Importance of the First Anchor Text on Blog:

Moz analyses have shown that if two links are targeting the same Page or Post URL, then the anchor text that is used in the first link is counted by Google. For more, You can See the Image.

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

But recently, Now many webmasters count multiple anchor text phrases that contained on the same page and pointing to the same target.

How to Create Anchor Text:

Any hyperlink or Anchor Text to a blog or webpage is very easy to create. When you create your blog post, use the “Insert Link” button that is shown in the image below. Select the text that you want to link to the target web page and click on the link button. Then Paste the Required URL, that must be including HTTP:// or Https://. The portion of the text that links to the target web page is called the anchor text.

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

Here are few WordPress screenshots that assist you. You can also configure the links to open in a new tab just on click on Link Option Button.

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

How We Create Anchor Text using Text/ HTML:

If your website is not on WordPress or any other CMS, then your also make Hyperlinks using the Text/HTML.

Here are some HTML codes for adding hyperlinks of various types or attributes.

  • Basic Hyperlink code: <a href=”aamiriqbalonline.com”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>
  • Link that open in a new tab: <a href=”aamiriqbalonline.com” target=”_blank”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>
  • Link without passing any SEO Juice or referral benefit: <a href=”aamiriqbalonline.com” rel=”nofollow”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>
  • Link without passing any SEO Juice or referral benefit & opens in new tab: <a href=”aamiriqbalonline.com” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>

How to Build Proper Anchor Text Ratio (Advance Topic):

Anchor Text should be Natural that is best practice and safe your profile and natural. Here is Ratio that we follow in our project.

  1. 20% branded anchors.
  2. 20% naked URLs (i.e. aamiriqbalonline.com/).
  3. 10% business owner named Anchor.
  4. 10% generic anchors like click here, read more, etc.
  5. 35% related keywords that are similar to your main keyword.
  6. 5% “money” keyword.

Let’s look at Google’s anchor text ratio.

  1. 2% branded
  2. 2% naked URL

Right Way To Use Anchor Text In SEO

90% of the links use “Other Anchor Text.” This is the amazing example.

Note: Each backlink or Anchor Text is counted as a vote by search engines. Sometimes, you might not be interested in giving any SEO benefit to the linked webpage. For advanced users, it is highly recommended to add the rel=”nofollow” attribute when linking to other websites in your blogs posts if you do not want to endorse. Each Anchor link type has a natural anchor.