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7 Basic Ranking Factors to Getting High Rank in Search Engines

In these days, the trend of Blogging and website business is very high on the Internet. It not wrong if we say know most of the people run their business online. Due to this, competitors are also available around you with their websites and try to use latest tricks and tips to grab your buyers or visitors. One way is that you pay and run the ads on the different platform that gives you the visitors and customer but a good business man always tries to generate more profit with the small investment. We also know that 90% of visitors come to our website from search engines and we always need that method with the help of this, our website rank on 1st page and 1st position. How we get this position and how we rank our website higher in search engines. Many factors are behind this. Here we discuss 7 Basic Ranking Factors to Getting High Rank in Search Engines.

Ranking Main Factors:

Ranking Depends on Many Factors. You must know that factors and need proper optimization.

  1. Make Best Keywords selection for your website or blog.
  2. Always put Quality Content on your website or Blog.
  3. Not underestimate the power of On Page Optimization.
  4. If need then goes for Off Page Optimization.
  5. Your Website or Blog must be User-Friendly and responsive.
  6. Always Use good Quality Hosting with 0% downtime.
  7. Use SEO friendly internal linking structure.

Let me Explain …….

1: Keywords Selection:

Keyword research and selection is the most important and valuable thing in internet marketing. Selection of Keyword makes or break your business. So always find right keywords it not about the visitors it about the right visitors to your website. If you are beginner then tries to select low competition keywords that are easily rank in search engines and gives you the benefit. Many tools and techniques are used for keyword research for different search engines. Google is the most famous search engine, and for this, most of the internet marketers use Google Keyword Planner Tool. Try to find lsi keywords, Find long tail keywords with low SEO competition , and  related keyword you can use related keyword finder tool.select-right-keywords

Helping Tools:

Green Hat Long Tail Keywords Finder

Related keywords Finder | Seo Tool Station

2: Content Selection:

For any website of a blog, content is the essential thing. Mainly choose the right and profitable keywords for your site then put the article on your website. Content must be real and unique and try to make the article user friendly. If you can write seo friendly content by yourself then it the best approach because you already did the research and all relevant keywords are in your mind when you write an article, then you must use these keywords in your content and make balance article. If you have no writing skills, then you also search related article on our website, or you can hire Good article writer for writing purpose.content-markerting

3: On-page Optimization:

On page, optimization is also the very important point in SEO. What is on page optimization? On page optimization makes your website or blog content friendly for the Search Engines. It is the very healthy thing if your Research and others factors are right then you rank your keyword only with the help of Onpage Optimization, we can also say that On page optimization is the process that we apply to our website or blog pages.

4: Off Page Optimization:

In easy words we can say that it is the SEO process that we not apply directly on our website. It is also the important factor in ranking but good internet marketers use this process after on page SEO or other SEO things. For Example Person 1 has the Good Authority and power in society and person 2 has no authority and power even no one know person 2. If person 1 introduce person 2 or give the support then the effect on person 2 he gets authority in society because a good authority person supports him. The Same process follows in Off page Optimization.Provide external link building, If some good site give a backlink to your website then search engines provides you the authority and rank your content higher in search engines. Read more about Link Pyramid.off-page-link-building

5: Website layout:

It is also the important point that we miss when we develop our website or blog. Your website or blog must be user friendly or easy to use. The layout of website is simple and if you buy any theme for your website or blog then sure that code must be clean. In these days the use of smart devices is increasing that’s why search engines also give the importance that websites or blog those are responsive.Website layout

6: Hosting Selection: 

Yes, this is also the primary and important factor for website ranking. Always select best hosting services that has no downtime and good bandwidth. If your site goes down, then google no give importance, and you lose your rank in google. So that always use good hosting services for your website or blog. Don’t use free hosting, use only those hosting which have 100% uptime. It will help you to get your blog index fast in google .Hosting Selection

7: USE SEO Friendly Internal Linking:

This is also the important if we say it is the part of onpage SEO it is not wrong. Basically in this method we link our post or page with other page or post that is related to our current post or pages.

USE SEO Friendly Internal LinkingFor more information you can visit Best Internal Linking Structure for SEO.