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Become a Master iOS 7.1 on iPad-Accessing the i pad

iOS 7.1 has introduced a host of new features, including interface custo mization, data use control, a vastly improved Siri and motion based navigation options.With this update Apple has revolutionized 105, and while the appearance may not have changed much the functionality has been significantly enhanced, giving all users a new, unsurpassed and totally instinctive interactive experience. This guide will take you through the key features of the iOS and how to use them.

Accessing the Control Center

Accessing the Control Center 

As its name suggests the Control Center places you in quick and easy control of the central functionality of the iPad. Having accessed this shortcut menu you will be one screen-tap away from accessing key applications or adjusting core settings. These shortcuts will leave you in total control of your device.

Opening the Control Center

To open the Control Center if you are on the home screen or using any app simply swipe from the home button t the upper area of the iPad screen and this new menu will appear.