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Best Software Tools for Affiliates Storefronts

What is a storefront? A ClickBank storefront is just like a shopping mall wherein the different products from the ClickBank marketplace are being displayed. Products of storefront offer a wide range of features including:

  • Excellent search facilities of the ClickBank market place including the search across different categories, restricting the search to a title or description, and the Boolean search(using and/or).
  • A search box that can be installed in your website.
  • A customizable appearance for you to complement the appearance of your website.
  • Search links embedded at your site to a Click Bank market place subcategory or to a keyword.

Best Software Tools for Affiliates Storefronts
How will you be able to make money using a storefront?

When you buy a storefront product, that product will bear your affiliate link. Once that product is purchased by customers, you will be able to receive the full commissions for each product that was purchased.

For that reason, storefront products are in demand when it comes to Click Bank affiliates. In fact, you can also join the affiliate program and then collect the commission for yourself.

In order to become successful with storefront products, you need to send visitors directly to the niche page that matches your targeted audience instead of sending them to the storefront home page that displays all of the products in the storefront.

For instance, suppose you want to advertise all of the books that have “YouTube” on their title or description. Here are the search results from ClickBank ProAds.

The Two Kinds of Storefront

There are two kinds of storefronts: on site storefronts and off site storefronts. On site storefronts are installed at your website. Despite of it requiring you to install it, your own domain name will be used. On the other hand, off site storefronts are located at the website of the supplier or product owner. Despite of it being located at the website of the vendor, it does not require you to install anything.

Product Suggestions

You can make use of a storefront product in order to have a successful ClickBank ventures. However, the products below are highly recommended for you. There are on site products as well as off site products.

Note: These are only suggestions. If you think that another product aside from the ones below is better to be used by you, then do so.

On Site Storefronts

1. CBRocket($49.95)

2. CBPress ($37)

3. CBProAds($59.95)

Off Site Storefronts

1. CBmall($47/$97)

2. 1st Promotion($79)

3. CBProAds($59.95)