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Best Software tools for Clickbank affiliates

The ClickBank market place is full of different products for different kinds of niche. Make sure to pick the right product for you to promote.

All affiliate marketers make use of different tools and materials to make their ventures a lot easier and more comfortable. There are tools for designing and improving their promotion materials, preventing and fighting fraudulent product owner acts, reporting of sales, and tracking of sales. As an affiliate marketer, it is highly recommended for you to use these kinds of tools. If you do so, you will surely be able to make things a lot easier for you.

Affiliate Link Cloner

Affiliate cloner is a software tool used by most ClickBank affiliates to cloak their hoplinks. Affiliate cloner also solves three common problems of affiliate marketers. First, it can disguise or cloak your affiliate links in order to prevent other people from stealing your hard earned commissions. In ClickBank, it is very easy for one to replace your affiliate nickname and then replace your commission. However, if you make use of affiliate link cloner, you will be able to prevent this problem from happening.

Second, an affiliate link cloner allows you to directly link to an order page, rather than passing through first to the sales page of the product owner. This ensures that the customers or people you direct to the products will only be seeing the products you promote, thereby ensuring that you will be receiving the commissions you deserve.

Third, an affiliate link allows a person to link to a specific product page if the product owner has too many products on his ClickBank account. Therefore, you will be sure that the product owner you are working with is not using your talents and skills to direct people into his page only for his own good.

If you want more information about affiliate link cloner, you can visit the affiliate cloner .

ClickBank Storefronts

A ClickBank storefront is just like a shopping mall that displays the different products from the main market place of ClickBank. For every product you promote, your nickname will be encoded to each one of them in order to ensure that you will receive your deserved commission for every customer purchase. The ClickBank storefronts section will give you more details about storefronts.

ClickBank Program Selector

The ClickBank program selector is an extremely useful tool in Cllick Bank. It helps you find the right product for you in terms of the product’s popularity, sales, and commission rates. It will help you check which products have sales that are increasing or decreasing. It will also direct you to newly released products which you may be interested to promote. If you want to know more about the ClickBank program selector tool, especially the specific programs, then you should go visit the ClickBank program selector.

ClickBank Sales Tracking

As an affiliate, it is very important for you to track down your sales. You should know if your sales are good enough or if there are some problems that cause the sales to go down. ClickBank sales tracking is featured in the sales tracking tools section.