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Boosting the Audience of Your Facebook Ads

Knowing the right audience for your Facebook ads is very important. It will help you determine the perfect people for your products who will be the ones to potentially give you cash in exchange for the products you sell or you promote. You have to filter out your audience by knowing what they like and what they dislike on Facebook. Doing so will help you become successful in your online marketing ventures. In order to know the right audience for your Facebook ads campaign, you need to follow the steps provided below.

First, you need to find or determine your keywords related to your Facebook ads. What you need to do here is to pick the keywords usually searched by a lot of people. These keywords will later on be used by you to search for pages or people on Facebook then make them your targets. For this part, you will be using the google keyword tool. Just use google to search for that then pick the result that will take you to the Google AdWords keyword tool.

google AdWords keyword tool

Once you arrive at the site, find keywords using the “Find Keywords” portion. Input the keywords related to your Facebook ads. Numerous results related to the keywords you entered will be displayed on screen. The results are actually keywords along with the number of monthly searches associated to them. Choose four to five keywords with the highest number of average monthly searches. If you operate on a global scale, then you should base your picking with the global monthly searches. On the other hand, if you operate locally, then you should base your picking with the local monthly searches.

After choosing the four or five most searched keywords, you should now input these keywords on the search bar of Facebook.

search bar of Facebook

After searching the keyword, you will be taken to the results page containing the different results related to your keyword. What you need to do is to choose “pages.” So for example, if the keyword you searched is “video gaming,” after the search results have been displayed, choose pages.

video gaming

Next, you need to determine the common interests of your fans when it comes to their likes in order for you to determine which keywords will potentially be useful for your Facebook ads. In order to do that, go to the profile page of your fans then compare the different pages they have liked. If they have liked some pages in common, then consider using the name of the page as your next keyword for your Facebook ad.

Now that you have your target audience, target pages, and the right keywords, you can now begin promoting your Facebook ads.