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Getting Google Adsense Approval Fast

Getting Google Adsense Approval

Although it is difficult to get Google Adsense Approval in matter of few days, once you get the approval, you will be in a lot of advantage.If you are planning to gain Google Adsense Approval, then glide through this post, as we are here to tell you about:–Easy and quick …

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How to Create & Enable You Tube Channel For Monetization

How to Create AdSense Account with YouTube

Signup for AdSense via YouTube in orderto signup for a new account.You will be required to enter information and details about you.When doing so,make sure to input realinformation about you. However,for the location field,you need to input “United States.”Afterwards,click the“next step” button then verify your phone number. Gotohttps://accounts.google.com/SignUp For this …

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