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Windows Server 2012 Roles and Features


Windows Server Roles Windows Server 2012 roles describe a server’s primary function. For example, a server role might be deploying files, accessing web content, or centrally printing a file. You can select to install one or more roles on a Windows Server 2012 environment. The Add Roles and Features Wizard …

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Complete Activator Windows 7

A complete activator for Windows 7 is a loader application used by numerous people all over the world for its ability to bypass the Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) by Microsoft. Moreover, this activator is the safest activator ever made for Windows. The application works by injecting itself into a computer’s …

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How To Run multiple Skype accounts on Windows desktop?

Skype accounts on Windows desktop

Skype has become a necessity with the passage of time, especially for the online marketers and earners. Many times, it has been that internet users have got separate Skype IDs for separate works. So, today Aamir Iqbal will make your learn that trick “multiple skype accounts on one windows “through …

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How to Detect Viruses,Spyware before Downloading aFile

How to Detect Viruses, Spyware and Malware before Downloading a File

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT COM PUTER MALWARE It’s a familiar enough scenario:You’re on a high from having down loaded your favorite music and you want to get more.You’re making a mental list of which artists to look for,and searching the net for the albums you want to own.You’re now giddy …

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Administering Windows Server 2012

Server Manager

Administering Windows Server 2012 Server Manager Server Manager is the primary graphical tool used to manage both local and remote servers. With Server Manager you can create groups of servers. This enables you to perform administrative tasks quickly across multiple servers that perform the same role, or are members of the same group. Try It In …

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