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Digital Presentation After Effect Project With Source

In this article I will guide you to the editing process, which like always very easy. Straight forwardly let’s move to text editing process, as shown in the image in the assets are of After Effect there is a folder named Scene A double click to open it.This is the folder which contains all the compositions, and text layers. As shown in the image after double clicking on it you will find some compositions. Now select any one of them and double click to open it.

After Effect named Scene A

After Effects Project

For example double click to open Text A Comp. Ahead you will find the the original text layer, double click on it and highlight it. Now you can write your own text. Simply take care about the margins and size… you just need to repeat that same process with all scene files,

After Effects Project soruce
Replacing the media files is easy as you can think. there is a folder named media files, you just need to do is that import your media files in After Effects , and simply drag and drop your images in the specific media composition. as shown in the image. just drag and drop your image. in this case you don’t need to open your images in any second software. after dragging image into the comp, right click to open the options and go to the transform option now and click on Fit to Comp option. That’s it, You can do the same with logo.I hope this information was helpful for you.

Digital Presentation Video Perview

Software Requirements

Requires Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher

Download Digital Presentation Source