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Easy Click Mate affiliate management software

If you are a serious ClickBank vendor, then easyclickmate is a highly recommended product for you.
EasyClickMate is a user-friendly affiliate management software that lets you have a huge advantage over other vendors and will also help you increase your sales in unbelievable ways. This software makes your entire marketing processes a lot simpler and more automated.

Easy Click Mate affiliate management software Tool For Clickbank Product

EasyClickMate helps you overcome the restrictions that ClickBank will automatically set to you such as:

  • All of the affiliate links are linked to only one page.
  • You do not have any knowledge regarding your affiliates.
  • If a site visitor replaces the nickname of the affiliate with his nickname, the affiliate who deserves to receive the commission receives nothing.

In addition, EasyCLickMate has several other additional and beneficial features which you may be interested at. These features are listed below:

  • You can have separate web pages for each of your products. Your affiliates can then choose which page they should send their traffic to.
  • It helps you protect your products from people who commit fraudulent acts like refunding when in fact they made a use out of your product.
  • It has a feature called link-popularity which will boost your rank in search engines like Google.
  • It helps you build a team of professional and loyal affiliates you can easily work with.
  • It increases your rank within the ClickBank marketplace.


  • It offers different sub tools which you can use to track down your sales and make changes to your current methods in order to enhance your promotional methods as well as improve your sales.

In general, if you are a serious ClickBank vendor who does not only want to make a living out of Clickbank but who also want to earn piles and piles of cash without encountering much difficulties, then you should make use of EasyCLickMate to easily manage your affiliates. You can find easyclickmate software here .