How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop / Computer

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

If you don’t have access to Facebook Live on your Mobile Phone, then don’t worry now you can use Facebook Live Feature on your profile, Facebook pages or groups and you can do this from your Laptop or computer. You also can use multiple cameras, videos and images with transitions. Want to know how? Watch my walk-through video and read on.

You Want to know how it is Possible? Continue reading my Article.

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop / Computer

You can use Both OBS Studio, and Wirecast Software can use for your Facebook live stream.

With the help of this software’s you can use:

  • Multiple webcams.
  • You can also use DSLR cameras.
  • Image and Videos that is on your laptop or computer.
  • You can use phone camera via an IP Camera mobile app.

They also support multiple displays at the same time. With the help of this, you can easily set up keyboard shortcuts with scene transitions. OBS Studio and Wirecast Softwares allow you to stream to a plethora of services including Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

System Requirements:

For Facebook, Live Streaming requires a good internet connection. Check the following requirements:

  • You have at least minimum 3Mbps UPLOAD speed, Good download speed is useful for this, but the upload speed is more important.
  • Your laptop or computer needs to encode system that encodes the video before sending it over to Facebook. Encoding video requires a fast processor good graphics card.
  • Your firewall, router, and ISP all need to allow RTMP. If you can not connect, you will need to check your firewall settings or contact your ISP.

Technical Requirements:

  • RTMP: Facebook uses RTMP as a protocol to stream your live video. RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, and Macromedia developed that and then Adobe to stream audio & & video via Flash.
  • Max Resolution: 720p (720 x 1280) at 30 frames per second. That is not quite full HD.
  • Max Title Length is 255 characters
  • Video encoding H264 encoded
  • Audio encoding: AAC
  • Max Video Length: 240 minutes (4hrs)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square
  • Frame Types: Progressive Scan
  • Recommended max bit rate: 4000 Kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps stereo
  • Bitrate Encoding: CBR.

Copyright Warning!!

This is really important! Facebook is excellent at detecting the use of copyrighted music. Some users have been banned from broadcasting to Facebook Live for up to 3 months for inadvertently or intentionally playing copyrighted music. I’d hate that to happen to you.

Step#1 Download OBS Studio:

For Facebook Live streaming we are going to use the free and open source software that is OBS Studio:


IMPORTANT! Download OBS Studio for Windows, Mac or Linux and not Download the old OBS Classic that is Only for Windows. OBS Studio Software has built-in support for Facebook Live Streaming.

Step#2 Get your Stream Key:

Now, you need a Stream Key that make the ability to publish a live video on Facebook. The first method is for Facebook Pages only, and 2nd is for Facebook Groups.

Method 1: For Facebook Pages Only:

This is the easiest way to go live on your Facebook Page via your laptop or computer. Go to your Page then click on “Publishing Tools” Button on your page. That is on top menu as you see in this below image.


How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Then click on Videos button on the left menu bar:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Now, click on the +Live button that appears on the top right side:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Then copy the stream key in the text box window:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop Stream key

Now, click on preview and update text and video information:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Now you need to enter the stream key into OBS Software that you copy from the Facebook. Once Facebook gets your stream it will no longer display “OFFLINE” and will start to show your stream preview.

Step#2 Start Streaming:

Click settings in OBS Studio software and then click stream in the left menu.

Select “Streaming Services” as the Stream Type and “Facebook Live” as the service.

Paste the stream key that you copy from the previous step into the “Stream Key” box:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

You should not need to enter the server URL because OBS Studio uses the standard Facebook URL.

Now Click On Apply Button and OK.

If you have selected a video source your webcam then you can see the preview your webcam.

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Now click the “Start Streaming” button:

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

And Go back to the Facebook Live pop-up window in your browser. After a few seconds, it should display “Fetching video stream.”

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

And then after a few more seconds, display your stream.

How to Stream to Facebook Live from Laptop

Please note, there will be a 5-7 second delay in the stream.

Now Check your feed, and you should see your live video has appeared. Enjoy!

Now If you want to end your live stream, then just click the stop streaming button in OBS Studio software.

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