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Google extends the length of titles and descriptions in search results

You may notice a significant change in Google’s search result pages because it has extended the length of titles and descriptions. This is the most important update for those SEO people who focus more on their on-page SEO than the off-page. This update will provide a little more room for adding extra words in titles and descriptions.

Google extends the length

However nobody can give an expert opinion about the impact of this update but in future you can figure out its results by comparing your past and present CTR. Definitely it will affect your CTR directly or indirectly.

Search Result Column

Before this change, the area specified for Google search results was 500 pixels wide. It has been extended to 600 pixels by adding 100 pixels more. And the search result column which comes on the right side of central column is now 60 pixels wide with a decrease of 5 pixels.

Titles and Descriptions:

Previously, the length of your titles was 55 to 60 characters which is now 70 characters after getting extension. You may add 2 or 3 words more in your new titles now. If you don’t need long title then you can add your domain name. The longer titles will definitely help those SEO people who were struggling to manage their long tail keywords in their titles.

When we discuss the length of our description, it is now extended to 100 characters per line. It means you can add 16-20 characters per line in your descriptions. It would be a plus point for those who want to grab the attention of visitors using a well defined description of their post.

Update is Live:

Right now you may observe these changes live in different countries. Besides USA, United Kingdom and Canada also Google Germany is showing extended length of titles and descriptions.