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How Product owners can make use of affiliates to promote their products

If you want to make use of affiliates to endorse your products or to generate leads for you, then you need to find the optimum price for your products as well as the commissions that you will pay to your affiliates. Fortunately, you can make use of different tools in order to decide for a price and commission.

First, there are pretty much ClickBank calculators everywhere. You can make use of these calculators to calculate how much you should pay your affiliates for every product you sell through efforts. Of course, you will be the one to decide how much or what percent your affiliate can receive for every product they sell. Just before they agree to work with you, you will be proposing the rate of commissions they can earn. The only thing that you need to do is to set up a considerable rate of commissions that they will receive.


Second, the internet is full of free books that you can use to know how to identify the most profitable price of your products. You can use any book that you want as long as it has great feedback and will really be useful for you. You can also Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website .


The Order Form Link

You can actually provide your affiliates with the link that will take your site’s visitors directly to your order form page instead of your sales page. This will give several advantages to your affiliates. First, they will be able to write their very own sales copy. Second, they will be able to generate and keep traffic to their own site. And third, they can direct visitors to your order form without being distracted by multiple external links at your own website. Click bank caluclater.

Selling Multiple Products

Fortunately, ClickBank allows you to sell up to five hundred products all at once using only one account of yours. However, if you pay commissions to your affiliates, then there will be restrictions for you.


  • You can only have one commission rate paid to your affiliates for all of your items. However, if you want to have different commission rates for other items, then you can open up another account.
  • You can only give one landing page to your affiliates using your account. Moreover, you cannot specify the individual links for every item. If you want a solution for this, then you should use an affiliate management program.

Affiliate List

When you use ClickBank, the website will not inform you when your affiliates sign up to promote your products. For that reason, you will be required to keep in touch with them. In order to handle this a lot easier, you should make an affiliate list. There are programs out there that you can use to handle the list for affiliates who sign up to promote your products.

click bank list

The ClickBank Market Place

The ClickBank network has a built- in market place. Fortunately for you as a product vendor, you can use this market place to promote your products by simply listing them to the market place.

Affiliate Link Theft

There are times when some potential customers substitute uncloaked affiliate links with their IDs in order to claim the affiliate’s commissions. When that happens, affiliates usually become less motivated to promote your products, even though there are things that they can do to protect the affiliate link. However, as a vendor, you can still make use of some ways to prevent this from happening. You can learn more about it in the how to stop ClickBank affiliate link theft section.