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How to apply & get approved for a CPA network

In our technologically advanced world today, the internet is surely a major of it. From time to time, we gather various information online, watch videos of different kinds, listen to music, download different kinds of files, get engaged into social media, and a lot more. One major thing that is happening in the internet right now is how piles and piles of cash revolve around it. From business owners to affiliate marketers like you- as a reader of this article- cash flow is non-stop. CPA marketing is now a major component of the internet. Through it, a lot of people earn great amounts of money. If you want to learn more about CPA and the principles behind it, then this article is the one you are looking for.

What is CPA?

CPA is short for “Cost per Action.” Action stands for anything that can be done on your website. Such actions include entering some information about you such as your email address, postal code, zip code, and home address. Other actions include signing up for a website service, buying a product online, and downloading and installing some recommended programs or software.

The Actions of CPA

So now you may ask how you will earn from these actions. Well, the answer to that is simple. The business owners benefit from these actions by gathering information from real people like their email addresses, zip codes, postal codes, and home addresses. This information is what we call leads of the business owners. In addition, some business owners promote their products on the internet and want people to buy them online. They may also want people from downloading and installing the programs or software they have developed. These actions are leads as well. However, even if people do not buy products or install applications, as long as they have taken interests in the services of the business owners, they will still be leads. Furthermore, these actions are taken directly on your website. For example, if you are working with a CPA network which manages the ads or any affiliate marketing techniques on your websites, the traffic you generate will surely take actions on those techniques posted or located on your website. Since the business owners make use of your website, you will be earning money depending on how many or what actions the visitors of your website have taken. All of these are what we call affiliate marketing. You need a CPA Network to provide you with the CPA offers from business owners and you need your site’s visitors to take actions on these offers.

How the Money Works

Cash flow in CPA marketing is rather simple. When you got accepted into a CPA network, they will provide you with CPA offers from business owners. Once you have incorporated CPA offers into your website, your site’s visitors will be able to take actions regarding these CPA offers. When they have accomplished those specific actions, you will earn cash. So for example, a CPA offer can pay you about 50 dollars a day. Your CPA Network can then take 5 dollars or less from it and then give you the remaining 45 dollars. If you can maintain this for a month, you could earn up to 1500 dollars. Of course, this is just an example. Therefore, once you have the skills and techniques when it comes to making your site’s visitors to take actions on your CPA offers, you can earn more.

how CPA Network workThe image above shows how cash flows in CPA affiliate marketing. The online users or visitors of your website take actions on any CPA offers on your website, for example filling out a request form. Once those actions are taken, the business owners pay you as a website owner promoting their business through CPA. Fortunately, even though your website visitors do not actually purchase products, once they have become leads, you can still earn profits.

Why Prefer CPA?

First of all, you should prefer CPA marketing because doing so is risk-free. You will be able to manage your budget when it comes to getting affiliates on your website. You can only pay whenever a goal of yours is achieved. For example, when you set your goal to pay only when the website visitors have installed an application, then you will only pay if users have accomplished the installation. In fact, you may choose any level of goal you desire. Say for example, you will pay only if the user has completed the level one of a certain game you promoted through your website.
Second reason why you should go for CPA based marketing is that it earns more than other means of online marketing such as Google AdSense, banner advertisements, and CPC models. The main reason for this is that you have a higher placement on the pyramid of marketing when it comes to the value of leads sold. To put it simply, you have the opportunity to earn more with CPA rather than Google AdSense or Banner Ads. So for example, you can earn 0.5 dollars per every action taken with Google AdSense. But when you use CPA based marketing, you can earn 2 dollars compared to that of the aforementioned means.
Third reason why you should incorporate CPA marketing is that the ads that it provides are friendly to any website. Unlike other banner ads or similar kinds of website advertisements, the ads that CPA provides on your website will not destroy its appearance. Below is an example of a website using CPA marketing? Without a doubt, the website looks good with great navigation, making it look appealing to the users. Moreover, unlike other websites with unattractive advertisements, the ads on the website have a greater chance of being clicked by the visitors of that site.

Searching for a CPA Network

Searching for a CPA Network

After learning the principles of CPA, you should now find a good CPA offer into your website. In doing this, you should find an offer that fits the needs and wants of your website’s traffic. So for example, if you have a website about gaming, then the CPA offers you have to incorporate into your website should also be related to gaming. In order to easily accomplish this, you could use some search engine websites solely designed for finding CPA offers. Two of the most eminent sites like this are Offer Vault and o Digger. You only have to enter the keyword then the results related to your keyword will be displayed. So for instance, if you searched “games” on those sites, CPA offers related to games will be displayed. The image shown below shows the website called oDigger.com wherein you can enter a keyword related to your site’s niche into the search field. The results will be displayed on the screen afterwards.

After the search, everything does not end there. The search usually have additional details that you can use to know more about the CPA network and the details that you need which will help you apply for a CPA network. Such basic information includes the type of traffic allowed for you to use that CPA offer, the actions that the visitors of you site need to do in order for you to earn the commission, and the preview for the landing page or the page where the visitors of your site will be directed once they chose to take the actions on your site’s ads. The preview of the landing page should be a major concern to you since you will be able to see the website where your visitors will be directed. You should make sure that the landing page is attractive and that it does not contain any contents and materials that can offend, harm, or make your visitors annoyed and irritated.

The image below shows an example of a landing page. To the right of the website where certain information is needed to be filled in by users are called fields. There are certain landing pages wherein more fields are required to be filled since more information is needed by the business owners about leads. If ever you encounter a landing page with more fields, do not be easily discouraged to choose it since the more fields there are, the more actions there will be, therefore the more cash you can possibly earn.

 Joining a CPA Network

Now, after finding a good CPA Offer, you should now join the CPA Network. When you go to the CPA Network’s website, you will usually find the “join network” button in an instant. After clicking on that button, you will most likely be demanded to fill out some fields to obtain pertinent information about you. Do not fret on this since joining a company means you should provide details about you. To help you understand more, let us consider peerfly, the number one CPA network as of today, as an example.

  1. Click the join button on the website of peer fly.

join now

  1. Apply to peerfly by filling up all required fields. These fields are the most important information about you like your address and contact details.

Peer Fly Screen Shot

How to get accepted into a CPA Network

This part of joining a CPA Network is usually considered by most people as the trickiest part. Of course, the CPA Network would want to make sure that your website deserves to take part in affiliate marketing and that your website is capable enough to generate leads so that cash will be earned. The information you provide on the CPA Network through the questions they ask are usually their basis for either accepting or rejecting you. Below are the pointers that you should always keep in mind to increase your chances of being accepted by a CPA Network.

  1. When you fill out an application form, you will surely be required to provide your contact details. When doing so, you should honest honestly by providing your true contact details. You should also give them the contacts you will most likely be available all the time. For example, when they ask for your phone number, you should give the number of the phone you always bring so that you will always be available once they need to contact you. If you are paying for mobile internet and you are always online, then you would want to give your contact email to make yourself easily accessible.
  2. The same thing goes with filling out information regarding your home or office address. You should give your true and correct home or office address. The CPA Network will need to mail you at times and there may be times that those emails are important. Therefore, giving your true home address is very important.
  3. You should also provide the detail regarding your website. Such details include the domain of your website, the web host that hosts your site, and the overview of your site. The domain of your website is simply the name of your website. For example, the domain of Facebook is Facebook.com, the domain of Google is google.com, and the domain if YouTube is youtube.com. The web host of your website is the one hosting your site. They will be the one that limits the storage space of your site and other similar online tasks. You may be using the webhost called Dream Host from DreamHost.com since it is one of the most popular and widely used web hosts by website publishers. Lastly, you should also provide pertinent information or overview of your website. So for example, if you have a website about beauty products, you should say to the CPA Network that your website focuses mainly on beauty products like nail polish, makeup, and more.
  4. There are times wherein the CPA Network you are applying for asks about the traffic and usual visitors of your website. In most cases, CPA networks focus on this part knowing the real people who might become leads. If this is the case, you should answer carefully. One suggested answer is to tell the CPA network that you make use of SEO to drive traffic into your website You should tell them that you drive traffic through high quality contents and not just about keywords. Another answer is that you are selling some affiliate products into your website, and that you think you may be able to increase your sales through CPA marketing. You may also say that you are posting contents about the CPA Network’s niche and that it will be a huge advantage for both of you to incorporate CPA offers into your website. Most importantly, you should provide specific answers to the CPA Network. DO not give broad or general answers since they will feel that there are some things missing with your answers.
  5. Your payment information will also be asked from you. You should give payment information regarding your most preferred payment method. So for example, if you have PayPal as your main preferred payment method for your online transactions, then you should use it also for your CPA Network transactions. If you prefer your own bank, then provide all needed information in order to successfully make transactions with the CPA Network you chose using your bank.

When applying to a certain CPA Network, you should also give some additional information to make your application form a lot more interesting to read and appealing. For example, if you want to give information about the certain niche you are working on, then give specific details about it. Therefore, if your niche is all about gaming then do not give general information like your website is all about action and adventure or survival horror gaming. You should rather say that you work with games mostly tutorial about Facebook games and that you also utilize Facebook marketing.

If you are asked about the other CPA Networks you have been working with, then do say to them truly the ones you are working with. Dishonest answers may be turned down easily. If you are a newbie and that you are already applying to the most eminent CPA Networks, you may still first try to apply on the smaller CPA Networks for impressions and reputations so that your concerns will be much more of interest.

The CPA Network may also ask you about your techniques and ways to promote your website for promoting offers and generating leads. You may tell them that you are doing this by using Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to drive traffic into your site as well as to promote the ranking of your website in the search engines. Through these, you will be able to promote the CPA offers on your website. You may also tell them about the other ways you use in advertising. For example, you create separate landing pages for ads or that you make use of Google addwords. No matter what the question is, you should always answer specifically and creatively.

Now, you already know about the principles behind CPA as well as how to join and apply to a CPA Network. Keep in mind the reminders given above. If ever you need to consult this article one again, feel free to do so.