How to Create an Invisible Facebook Page

How to Create an Invisible Facebook Page New MethodStep 1: On the left side bar of your Facebook page under pages, you will see the create page option. Choose that option. You can actually access this option at any page you are in since it is always contained in the left side bar options of Facebook.
create page

Step 2: You will be redirected to another page prompting you so select the category related to your page. You can choose any category that you like since it does not matter for this kind of Facebook trick.

Step 3: Now, the name for the invisible Facebook page trick matters. However, all you need is to add some special characters for the name in order to make this trick work. Do not worry because you will be using the special characters only temporarily. Below is the code:

Code: ٌٌٍٍٍٍِِّّّّْْc

Copy the code above and paste it in the url box, then remove the “c”.

Just place your moue pointer over the code, highlight the code, right click, then choose to copy the code. If you cannot see the code, then you can refer to this link.Afterwards, paste the special characters you have copied into the category page of Facebook where you were directed in order to create the invisible Facebook page.
create page
Step 4: Click on the agreement of terms and then get started. You will then be taken to another page prompting you to input several details about your page. You can input the description about your page, your username, and other details. Those two are the only two important things that you should input. Otherwise, skip the details inputting process.
create page
Step 5: After you have landed to your page, go to settings, page info, and then select the edit button right next to name. Next, you should re position the mouse insertion point to the beginning of your page’s name then press the delete key.
create page
Step 6: Click on the “save changes” button in order to save the changes you have made to your page when it comes to making it an invisible Facebook page. Afterwards, visit your page in order to see if anything has happened to it. If the name was not changed properly, the you will see symbols on the page’s activity session. If that happens, you should tend to the problems as soon as possible to ensure that you have successfully made an invisible Facebook page.


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