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How to Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site?

How to Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site?

Weebly offers various ways to use the hyperlinking options to make internal and external web pages Links. You can add a link to each image in the Gallery and Slideshow In Weebly. Here In this Article, we discuss how to use various hyperlinks options with different elements along with a tip for connecting to a section of a web page.

How to Create Hyperlinks/Anchor in Weebly Site?

After you add content to your Weebly website, click on any text or image then you see the pop-up showing with options displaying hyperlink icon as shown in the picture below. How to Write SEO Friendly Post Title

How to Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site?

Click on the hyperlink icon to see different options available. Weebly offers the following options for linking:

How to Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site

  • Website URL: For linking an external web page enter the page URL you want to link Your other website or Blog, select the check box “Open link in new window” if you want a page open in new Window.
  • Standard Page on Your Website Option: This option is used when you want to connect pages on your site.
  • Store Page Option: In this option, it is a new e-commerce feature in Weebly with the help of this feature you can link category or product page from your online store.
  • File on Your Website: With the help of this option you can link a file that is already uploaded to your site media.
  • Email Address: In this Enter your email address and link to an email id.

Connecting a Section of Webpage:

It is a requirement for webmasters to link section of a web page, particularly when the page contains long content. Here we explain how to do this on a Weebly site in simple two steps with the example of connecting to a heading on a page.

Step#1: Create a div id using “Embed Code” element option:

Instead of using a “Title” element option, you can use Embed Code element and add the following code and create a heading. And Font color is selected to blend with the default heading of the page, and you can change it to any color as you want to need according to your theme.

Step#2: Linking using Hyperlink Option 1:

Choose the text or image & click on the hyperlink icon to see all the hyperlink options as we explained above. Now Enter the page URL along with #div id in the box available in the first choice to connect to that particular section of a web page. In our example, we enter “http://www.yoursite.com/your-web-page.html#ID1” to link to the heading. Now when you click on the link, you will be taken to the heading defined in the Step1.

How to Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site?

Linking Slideshow and Gallery Images:

Picture When you have multiple pictures in one element like Gallery or Slideshow, then you have a link option on each picture during the picture uploading process as shown in the image below. When you click on the link icon, then the same options appear as we explained in the above. what is the Right Way t use Anchor Text in Seo


Linking External Webpage in Navigation Menu:

If you want to connect menu to the external webpage in the menu, then you have an option available under the Pages tab. Click on “Add Page” button that is available under “Pages” button that is available under “Pages” tab & chooses External Link” option. Now, Enter the page name and external URL to that you link an external page to the menu page. For example, if you can create a page name “Blog” & link to your external blog URL. When users click on the Blog menu, then Weebly automatically redirects them to your external blog or website.



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