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How To Display Weather During Lock Screen on IPad & IPhone

Unfortunately without Jail breaking your iPad there is currently no way to show live weather updates on the Lock Screen (despite what some apps seem to promise). This trick requires a little bit of regular work on your part, but it does let you check the local weather forecast for the week without unlocking your device.

I phone weather Screen

Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is download a Weather app and get a weekly local weather forecast on screen. Weather+ is a good choice if you don’t already have an app in mind.

Step 2 – On the main Weather app screen, make sure that the full week forecast is showing. Now for the trick! Press and hold the Sleep/ Wake button and press the Home button to take a screenshot of the weather report.

Step 3 – Quit out of the Weather app and open Settings. Select Wallpaper and browse to the Camera Roll (this is where any screenshots you take are saved). Find your picture of the weather forecast and select it.

Step 4 -Tap Set and then choose Set Lock Screen. Wait for your iPad to lock (or press the Sleep/Wake button) and then wake it up.Your Lock Screen now shows you the weather forecast for the week ahead.

Step 5 – Obviously, this is just an image and won’t update with any new information until you repeat the process (once a week should be fine). It isn’t a perfect solution, but it does look quite cool even though the weather screenshot is

Get Creative
The method above is a simple fix for displaying the weather on your Lock Screen. As it is just a screenshot, and anything on your iPad can be captured in the same way, there are several other possibilities for a Lock Screen image. You could just as easily take a shot of a route in Maps and display it on the Lock Screen, allowing you to quickly check you are still heading in the right direction. Or perhaps a picture of the shopping list you created in Notes, letting you quickly check what you still need to buy without having to unlock the phone and open the app.

LocK Screen Weather Apps

There are several free and paid apps which do basically the same as this, but several offer improvements such as better layout of the information (so it isn’t partially obscured by the slider, etc), the ability to add “If Found” information for anyone who finds your lost tablet and the ability to put the weather info on a more attractive background.