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How To Do Product Promotion In ClickBank

ClickBank Guide for Beginners:Product PromotionSigning Up For the Affiliate Program After knowing what affiliate program to use and ensuring that the affiliate program you will use does not include poten tial leaks,it is now the time for you to collect your affiliate link.Your affiliate link can also be called your hoplink.Basically,the format of a hoplink is wherein the xxxxxxxx portion is your nickname in ClickBank.Hoplinks from other marketplace will have longer cloaked format for the URL address.
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To check if the link is valid, click the link then navigate through the pages until your arrive at the order page. The ClickBank order page should have your nickname at the bottom like this: affiliate = your nickname.

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If you do not see your nickname at the bottom, then you may have entered an incorrect link. Another reason when this happens is that the affiliate program has been discontinued.

Link Cloaking

The basic hoplink that you will have is not protected. This means that customers can just substitute your nickname with his nickname. As a result, he will receive the commissions after purchasing instead of you.

Fortunately, there are techniques and tools that you can use to cloak or encrypt your hoplink in order for you to prevent link theft.

Traffic Generation

You will not be able to make sales if you do not have traffic. Traffic simply means the people who visit your site, who will also have the chance to view your products or the products you promote. If you are promoting other’s products, then all you have to do is to create basic contents that will generate some traffic for you since the product owners will usually be the ones who will do the job for traffic generation.

However, if you are selling your own products, then you need to create contents which will entice people into buying your products. Such contents include reviews and the benefits of using your products. For reviews, you can just ask your friends or family members to rate or review your products. You should then post their positive comments for people to read. For the benefits, try to list down all of the benefits of using your products. This is very important since the benefits portion will let people know why they need your product and why your products are valuable.