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How to Download Android Apps on Your Nokia Phone without Google Play Store

NOKHow to Download Android Apps on Your Nokia Phone without Google Play Store

Ah the age of virtual gaming—what a delight, what a wonderful time sink! Gaming has never been so easy and convenient and fun! Imagine having all the online games you want to play at the tip of your fingertips (literally). Well, I guess we don’t have to imagine anymore because it’s already happening, anyway. Some games come for free, but the others—especially the really popular ones—come with a price. Nokia recently marketed its very first midrange Android phone at an affordable price. If you’re someone who’s not willing to pay a steep price for a smartphone, then this is the right model for you. You can look it up over at the ShopHive official website, where there is a range of colors to choose from, and where you can check out the phone’s features and many conveniences.



It comes with a price of 13,800 rupees and if gaming is your hobby, you are sure to have a great experience with this phone. It has a giant 4-inch IPS screen, 1GHz Snapdragon Dual core process, 512 MB RAM, built-in memory of 4Gb and an extra memory card slot. It also comes with three types of interface: Nokia Lumia tile interface, Fast Lane design of Nokia Asha phones, and an Android interface via a Go Launcher app. Not bad, right?



And now, for the question on Android apps and the games: How do you download them on your new mobile phone? Nokia does not allow directly downloading apps and games from the Google Play Store but not to worry—there are ways of getting around this obstacle. You can download apps for your phone in other ways.

  1. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD APPS OFFLINE. You can do this by downloading offline installer from Google Play Store in apk format. Copy the file into your mobile phone memory card and then install it; you can do this by going to torrent sites. Once you’ve completed this, you can download any Android app on your Nokia X mobile phone and start and keep playing to your heart’s content! In case you don’t know how to download the installer yet, visit this link for a step by step guide on how to do it.
  2. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD APPS VIA THIRD PARTY APP STORES. This is the best and easiest way to do it. Visit any of these links so you can have it done: 1 Mobile Market (they have over 800,000 apps!), Slide Me, Aptoide, Mobango, Yandex, etc. These sites have plenty of choice apps to offer—you can spend the entire day looking through them and then choosing your apps of choice to transfer to your new Nokia X mobile phone.