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How To Get Started With WordPress

When it comes to WordPress , it is basically a Content Management System (CMS) – an open source that can be used on your webshop or the blogs. Thanks to Mike Little & Matt Mullenweg who introduced this system back in 2003. According to recent state and figures, around 20% sites over the internet are being powered by WordPress. It was first launched as blogging system but with the passage of time it had started to create much hype that it is now being used as a complete package for Content Management System over blogs.


For the uninformed people out there, the most appealing benefit of having your blog on WordPress is that it offers its full – fledge services completely free. It is quite easy to understand and convenient to use even if you are a newbie. Users can install the Plugin Architecture in order to extend and expand the functionality of the blogs. Plugins are basically codes which can be programmed (installed) to WordPress to make your blog compatible with anything you want.

Why Use WordPress

There are dozens attractive benefits and advantages that are generally associated with WordPress. However, let us analyze that how this Content Management System can bring a whole lot of revolutionary changes onto your online blog. For general inquiries & testimonials, you can redirect at the given link WordPress.org

WordPress Is Easy & Convenient:

  Making or inserting the content of any type is quite easy and convenient in WordPress. It’s just like that you are preparing a document in MS Word. There’s no rocket science involved in order to understand the A-B-C of Word Press, all you need is to pay the attention and remain attentive. With simple computer skills and basic knowledge – one can guru the WordPress.

Flexibility Feature:

   With WordPress, you are given full – fledge rights to create photo blog, personal website or even a business website. It all depends upon that how creatively you can WordPress from your end. You can add customization like themes, designs and patterns to make your website more attractive and appealing for the online users. WordPress originally comes with few themes, however additional customization updates can be downloaded as well.

 WordPress comes with a complete package, however in order to expand the efficiency and effectiveness of your web blog around the internet, you can download different Plugins. There are hundreds of thousands of different Plugins available both paid and free online in order to cater your online needs.

It is Free:

  In order to extract the benefits from WordPress – you don’t need to get any sort of license for it. Yes, you have heard it – It is completely free! So it doesn’t matter whether you install it, change it, customize it, or even distribute it. When it comes to online community, no other CMS has got much of the fan following as WordPress has. It has got highly talented team of professional developers who are providing their best in order to make the WordPress even better in coming days. For questions and further information, you can ask on support forum.

WordPress itself is a licensed mechanism under GPL (open source license) which means that:

  • It depends upon you whether you charge or not for the distribution, documentation or support of the software, however you are not authorized to sell it.
  • It you are able to create such derivative works which consists upon different pieces of codes licensed under GPL then the derivate works must need to be licensed under GPL.

Note: it is very important to understand the last term which basically prevents the software from becoming the proprietary piece.

Want To Get Started With WordPress?

Don’t you a own a WordPress website? Well, there’s no need to be worried. You can get all the details from where to start with WordPress at https://wordpress.org/about/.

In order to make things run – the host is required to have a couple of things like:

  • MySQL Version 5.0 or Higher
  • PHP Version 5.2.4 or Higher

There’s rocket science involved in using the software. You can easily download the software script at WordPress.org and let’s get started!

Most of the hosts have got an installer in their backgrounds which allow users to incorporate WordPress by simply click the INSTALL button.

In any case if you are unable to find what you were looking then it is highly suggested to put forward your queries at WordPress Forums  where you’ll be entertained by professional developers.  For more information, you can redirect yourself at the following given links as well: