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How To Get Unlimited Verified Phone Facebook Accounts

In order to make your applications compatible with leading social network websites, Facebook developers are required to verify their phone numbers at first. Being the leading social networking platform, Facebook has attracted total of 1.3 billion users as per the recent stats and figures of the month May,2014 – So, there are different levels available for the memberships. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual user, any organization or a business-owner – Facebook welcomes people from every walk of life. For the online developers who want to make their own apps with the intent of running it on the Facebook must need to verify their phone numbers before any online app developing work.

What Is PVA?

PVA is generally abbreviated for the “Facebook Verified Accounts”. Basically, this term was created for the online community to understand the value of verified Facebook accounts by the marketers. However, there’s no official Facebook terminology available on the internet under this context.  The companies which basically create and sell these Facebook phone verified account use this terminology for better understanding of the online developers and marketers.

Why You Need Facebook PVA Account? 

As mentioned above, online developers are required to verify their accounts through phone at first before getting into any action because they are no ordinary online users. In a way or the other, they are going to contribute in the best interest of the ordinary online users so they have to be ensured and verified by the Facebook official team. Not only developers, programmers are also categorized in the same niche as far as the account verification through phone is concerned.

With dozens of online threats and security concerns, Facebook is bound to verify the accounts through phone only and there’s no other way around to make it possible. Facebook mobile is yet another appealing and attractive app which is being used for the verification purpose of accounts by the Facebook official team. You can simply link your Facebook account with this app and all the updates, notifications along with announcements will be received directly onto the phone.

PVAs – How It Really Works?

While making your Facebook account – either you are a developer or an online programmer; you will be asked to verify your account by selecting one of the following options:

  • Verify Facebook Account Through Credit Card
  • Verify Facebook Account Through Mobile Number

The easier and convenient way is to verify your Facebook account through phone (PVA). Simply enter the country code + mobile number and click “Confirm Your Phone / Submit” button. After which, you’ll be sent a code to your mobile phone which you have to enter to your Web Facebook Account for the verification task to get completed.

Confrim you number

Security Threats & Relative Concerns:

It is very important to keep in mind that only a single account can be verified against a single mobile phone number. Therefore, if you intend to verify multiple Facebook account over a single phone number – this will certainly result vain.  As far as 1 account per phone number is concerned, it is quite justifiable because with so much rush of online spammers, hackers and other cyber activists – Facebook is determined and committed to stop every unethical way of verifying multiple accounts through single phone number.

Another appealing and attractive benefit of verifying your Facebook account through phone number is that its security will then never be compromised. Even in case of any hacking activity, you can regain your original Facebook account by mobile phone text verification.  Now, this activity from Facebook officials is pretty much appreciable since it has been observed very much effective to drive-off spammers and hackers in recent years.

For more information regarding the verification procedure of the Facebook account, you are requested to submit online request to the officials at Facebook. They will surely entertain your request at the earliest possible moment.

How To Create Unlimited Facebook PVAs:


Following are the important factors that you need to have in order to create Unlimited Facebook phone verified accounts:

  1. US IP / Proxy
  2. Email Accounts
  3. Fake Images & Identities
  4. Virtual Mobile Phone Numbers

And at the top of all, Patience / Time & Brain.

Let’s Start

  1. Download and Install
    1. VPN-CyberGhost (SOFTWARE)http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us


  1. Astrill (SOFTWARE) https://www.astrill.com/


  1. ZenMate (BROWSER)(CHROME & FIREFOX) https://zenmate.com/


  1. Hola (BROWSER) (CHROME & FIREFOX) https://hola.org/


  1. Or use any US Proxy http://proxylist.hidemyass.com/ http://www.gatherproxy.com/
  1. Get some fake details from any of the given links:
    1. http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/
    2. http://www.datafakegenerator.com/generador.php
    3. https://fakena.me/
  2. Register yourself at Yahoo Email!
    1. https://edit.yahoo.com/registration
      1. Use Yahoo Registration only as it doesn’t ask for the phone verification
      2. Even if it asks, you can tackle it with the virtual phone number
  • 5-10 Yahoo email accounts per day are enough to register

Yahoo Sign Up

  1. Now log onto Facebook and register the accounts with given Email Yahoo registered accounts.
    1. http://m.facebook.com/
  2. Once the above mentioned 4 steps are followed in the righteous manner – Now is the time for Mobile Phone Verification for the Facebook accounts
  3. Click on the given link for the virtual phone number registration
    1. http://www.phone.com/
      1. You can change as well as addition upto 3 numbers is allowed against a single account.
      2. That means – each account has got 3 numbers against which you can verify 3 Facebook accounts.


7 . Enter your virtual mobile number & click “Give me a call” as shown in the figure below:

Please Complete A Secuityu Check

  1. Now wait and let the magic does its trick – you’ll soon receive an SMS of code activation on Phone.com – as shown in the figure below:

Yahoo Inbox

  1. You will also receive the same activation code in your registered yahoo email also. So, there’s no need to worry even if you don’t receive it at Phone.com
  2. Get back to Facebook – logon with your recently created account – verify it using the given method & bingo !!!!

Notice: You can repeat the above given steps as much times as you want for the unlimited creation of verified Phone Facebook accounts. However, don’t forget to change your IP at the beginning of the process