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How to Have Your Own Affiliate Link Working in ClickBank?

After choosing the product that you want to promote and clicking on the {which i explain in this post  } “promote” button of that particular product, a pop-up window will automatically be displayed. This pop-up window will ask for your account nickname and your transaction ID.

For the field asking for your account nickname, you only have to input the nickname you chose when registering for a ClickBank account. If you are a beginner, just leave the transaction ID blank. It is only for tracking purposes, which is used by advanced users only.

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After you input your account nickname, you should click the “create” button. ClickBank will then give you your affiliate link. You can try to highlight the link then copy it to see what happens once you input it to your browser’s URL bar.


Usually, when you go to the address using the affiliate link ClickBank gave you, you will be redirected to a landing page. Your affiliate ID will also be automatically embedded to your computer by the software provided by ClickBank. Therefore, you do not need to do anything just to make sure you earn your commissions because once you are able to generate leads, you will surely earn the commissions you deserve.

How to Promote the Products of ClickBank and then Earn Commissions as an Affiliate?

After selecting the products from the ClickBank marketplace, you have to promote it using your website. In order to do that, you simply have to mention the name of the product to the pages of your website and then link it using the unique affiliate link that ClickBank gave you. The visitors of your website will see the links you entered in your website pages. However, not all of them will click the link. So make sure to have good contents in order to generate more traffic and leads. This way, you can earn your pre-set commissions once you generate leads for the product owners and earn more commissions once the leads you have generated turn into actual customers.

If you still do not have your targeted traffic, ClickBank can still help you with that. Using the books they freely give, you can explore the world of online marketing and discover a lot of things about tragic generation, leads generation, and leads transformation into actual customers.