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How to Make Piles of Cash with YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire world with approximately 30 million visitors each day watching the different kinds of videos they have. More often than not, these videos are being uploaded by YouTube users who have their own channels just to entertain people. In other cases, YouTube is a great way to make money online. As what was mentioned above, YouTube is a search engine, therefore it is just like Google or Bing where Search Engine Optimization is possible. In fact, Google, the world’s largest search engine is also the owner of this prestigious video website. If you want to earn more cash with YouTube, then you are reading the right article. After reading and understanding every piece of information below, you will surely be able to make piles and piles of cash with  Screenshot_1.


Deciding for Products to Sell

Above everything else, you should first determine what kind of product you should sell. When you make a video, you will focus on a certain product that you want to promote and sell, which will then grant you commissions and other benefits just like when you engage yourself into affiliate marketing. According to YouTube marketing experts, the best products to sell on YouTube are those that are needed by people instantly which can then be accessed or given to them right away once they made the purchase. Examples of these kinds of products are gadgets, eBooks, and flight booking services.

  • Gadgets: In today’s fast paced world, multiple gadgets are being developed and released to the public more often. When you have a mobile phone made by Apple this month, you may already hear rumors and news about the next improved version of that mobile phone to be released soon by the next month. To put it simply, gadgets like mobile phones are being released instantly by developers with all new and improved features indispensable to the eyes of users or consumers. Therefore, gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are great choices to be sold with YouTube videos.


  • EBooks: The eBooks are also great products to be sold via YouTube videos. Once in a while, people will need to look for books that they can read just for fun, for studying, or for learning something new. However, searching for the kinds of books that they need on local bookstores can be very time consuming. They have to find a bookstore where they can find the kinds of books they need. And even so if they find one, it will still take time for them to choose a good book which they can really make use of. For these reasons, eBooks are really necessary to people nowadays. They just need to search online for the kind of book they need and they can instantly make a purchase for it. With the help of videos, they can instantly know if they will be buying the right kind of eBook.
  • Flight Booking Services: There are a lot of people all over the world searching for online flight booking services in order to travel from one place to another. Usually, what they look for are cheap yet safe and secure flight services. However, it will be tricky and difficult to distinguish which website is good and legitimate for them to avail the offered services. Therefore, with the help of YouTube videos, they can instantly know which flight booking website or service is great and valid enough for them to avail. Websites like makemytrip can be promoted by you via YouTube videos for online flight booking services.

Those aforementioned products are only suggestions. If you can think of some other products that you think are needed by most people and can be easily and instantly accessed by them, then feel free to consider promoting those products.

Finding and Applying for a CPA Network

After knowing what kinds of products you want to promote, you should now find and apply for a reputable CPA Network in order to promote the products of business owners. In order to earn commissions with your YouTube videos, you should first sign up with a CPA Network in order for you to know the specific products you should promote. CPA Networks will point out to you the business owners wanting their products to be promoted via YouTube videos. If you will be able to generate leads for them, you will earn commissions. Reputable CP Networks are as follows:

After finding the best CPA Network, look for CPA offers with the product you want to promote in mind. For example, using the CPA Network you have selected, search for business owners wanting their eBooks to be sold. You can then create your video about that eBook in order to generate leads. If you can, you will earn cash from commissions.

Usually, applying for a CPA Network requires you to meet several qualifications so that your application can be approved. For example, your YouTube channel should be generating enough traffic and traffic that best fits the products of the business owners. Therefore, you should check out first those qualifications and work in order to achieve them.

Search Engine Optimization through Keyword Incorporation

Since you want more people to notice and consider buying the products you promote though your videos, you should make them watch the videos you created. In order to accomplish this, you should drive more traffic into your YouTube channel so that more and more people will be able to consider buying the products you promote. In order to drive more traffic into your Channel or specific video

you should make use of keywords or keyword phrases- words commonly searched by people on search engines which will then give them results related to the keywords searched.

A suggestion from YouTube marketing experts is to use the name of the products as the keyword itself. So for example, if you will promote an eBook about cooking pastas, then you can use keywords like:

  • Cooking pasta ebook
  • Ebook about cooking pasta
  • How to cook pasta ebook
  • Secrets of pasta cooking ebook
  • Pasta cooking Italy

However, there are times wherein the manufacturers of the products do not allow the name of their products as the keyword to be used. If you make videos for these kinds of manufacturers yet you use the name of their products, they may not give you your commissions or payments.

Alternatively, you can generate or create your own keyword or keyword phrases using Google. Although this method is not as effective as the generation of keywords using the most trusted keyword generation websites, it can still be a big help, especially if you will just start your ventures in YouTube marketing. In order to do this, you should first go to Google website.

to Google website

Next, search for the keyword on the search field. If Google gives video results, then the keyword you used may be a good one. Else if no video results show up, try again using another keyword.

google search

If you want to use the above mentioned way of generating video keyword, you should first know that doing so can result to you entering a tight competition with other people. Since the keyword you used yield a common video result, other people may already be using that keyword for their own SEO purposes. Therefore, it is not only you who will be using that keyword.

You can also use the Google Keyword planner by Google in order to know how often your keyword is being searched by online users. What you have to do is to choose a keyword searched by people more often so that you can guarantee more traffic into your YouTube videos. In order to do this, use Google’s keyword tool then input the keyword you want to use. You will then see the average monthly searches of this keyword.

Google keyeword tools

As a general rule of thumb, pick keywords that have average monthly searches above 300. However, if you can come up with keywords with 4 figures or more of average monthly searches, then use them. The more average monthly searches a keyword has, the more people tend to use them for searching, therefore using them can give your videos more traffic.

Important Reminder: Do not base the keywords that you want to use solely on the average monthly searches it has. The number of backlinks is also another factor. If you generate a keyword with large average monthly searches but also with a large number of backlinks, then this means that the keyword you generated is well-known in the marketplace, therefore using that keyword subjects you to touch competitions. You will need a large amount of cash to be able to rank up. For this reason, it is better to stay away from keywords with large numbers of backlinks. In order to know the number of backlinks a keyword has, you can use ahrefs.

The Making of Your Video

After knowing what products you want to promote and the keywords that you will use, you should now make your video. Making your video is the most important of all since you need to create a high quality video which will surely be enjoyed by the people who will watch it. You can pretty much create any kind of video you want, from voice over presentations to you as the actual spokesperson for the product you are promoting. You can make use of the following means to create your own video.

  • Camera: Almost all of the gadgets today have built in cameras. For this reason, making a video with the use of a camera is too far from impossible. In order to create a high quality and appealing video, you should make sure that you will use a camera with high definition resolution so that the viewers of your video can clearly watch your video. You can find and buy different kinds of cameras on amazon or any other similar sites. Just use the search field and search the keyword “camera.”
  • and search the keyword “camera
  • ViualBee: If you want to create your videos in a PowerPoint theme, then VisualBee Is a great choice. You only need to maintain the quality and clarity of your voice as you speak as well as the attractiveness and appeal of the presentation to make sure that the video you will create deserves to rank high on YouTube and Google.
  • Stupeflix: If you want to create your video using your laptop or computer, then Stupeflix is the right one for you. It functions just like a regular camera but this time, it has additional features that you can use to improve the quality of the video you created using it. There are different tools used for editing. Moreover, using this online software for creating a video was made faster than ever. Therefore, you can use this even if you have to catch up with time.
  • Most importantly, keep the duration of your videos three minutes at least in order for it to rank high on YouTube and Google. Videos under three minutes are usually not prioritized by YouTube and Google. Moreover, make sure to watch your video to see if it is amazing enough. Above all, it is quality that is your priority since making a high quality video makes it easy for you to easily improve the ranks your videos.

    Optimizing the Rank of Your Video on Google

    Doing this can greatly help you in ranking your videos on Google. Since Google owns YouTube, this search engine gives video results. Since more people are using Google than YouTube as their primary search engine, you would want to make your videos appear on Google search engine results page. Doing so can drive more traffic into your YouTube channel and videos. In order to accomplish this, optimize the title, description, and tags of your videos by incorporating the right keywords. If you have accounts on social media websites, then use those accounts to promote your videos by linking and sharing them. If you own websites or blogs, then also use those to promote your videos. The visitors of your sites will most likely watch the videos you advertise to them.

    There is a micro job site called Fiverr. If possible, create an account then offer some gigs that could promote your videos or YouTube channel. For instance, you can make attractive flyers containing links to your YouTube video or channel.

  • After understanding and accomplishing every task in this website, you will surely be able to drive more traffic into your website. When you do so, more and more people will be able to see your amazing videos promoting the products of business owners. If they liked your video and got enticed to the product you are promoting, there is a high chance that those people will become leads, even if they do not decide to buy the products right away. If a lot of people will buy the products you promote, without a doubt, you will be able to earn piles and piles of cash. If ever you got lost while searching for a video keyword, creating a video, or ranking your videos, then do not think twice about reading this very helpful article again. Good Luck!