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How to Make YouTube Video Appear on First Page

This article will teach you how to rank your videos on the first results page of YouTube regardless of your keywords. Just follow the steps below and you will be done ranking your videos in no time.

1. Select your video regardless of how you will be able to get it: create one, re-upload the videos you have made before, or download videos from the internet. Take note that this method will only work for new videos. Therefore, if you want to use your already uploaded videos on YouTube, you should delete them first then re-upload them.

upload youtube video


2. After uploading your video, change the privacy settings from your current settings to “unlisted.”

unlist youtube video

3. Afterwards, put the title, description, and tags for your video. Although this method of ranking your YouTube videos does not require you to prioritize your keywords, it is still highly recommended to follow the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order for your keywords to rank higher than what you can expect. Putting good keywords on the title, description, and tags of your video will surely improve the overall results of this method.add meta tag


For additional tips:

  • Make the title of your video something very interesting and enticing. This can make the audience enticed into watching your video.
  • Do not make your keyword as the first word of your description.
  • Do not make your keywords as the exact tags of your video instead, mix in some small words in order to balance the keyword density.
  • Make sure that the privacy setting of your video is set to “unlisted.”

4. Next step is to achieve 400 views for the video you have uploaded. You do not have to waste time by waiting for people to view your video automatically. What you can do is to go to SEOclerks.com then buy around 10 thousand views from them which only costs 3-5 dollars. You can also use Fiverr, a micro job website, by looking for gigs offering YouTube views.


5. This step is optional however, it is very effective. If you want to optimize the ranking of your YouTube video, you should put some comments on your video then wait for around five to ten positive comments. However, you should make sure that the quality of your video is nice in order to make sure that the comments your video will be receiving are positive ones. You can also use websites like addmefast.com to acquire over 50 likes for your video. Doing this can greatly help you in ranking your video.


6. After obtaining the required number of views, likes, and some comments on your vide, it is now the time for you to change your video’s privacy setting from “unlisted” to “public.” After a while, you will notice that the ranking of your video on YouTube is so much higher. The main reason is that the moment you changed the setting of your videos from unlisted to public, you made it seem like it has become popular in only just a matter of seconds. YouTube will mistake your video as a viral one and should be ranked higher since it will think that initially, the video already has a large number of comments, likes, and views.

Some Notes:

  • You should wait for about 5 to 30 minutes after switching from unlisted to public before your video gets on the first page of YouTube.
  • It is very important to upload high quality videos because if you don’t your video might get flagged.