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How To Promote the Right Products on ClickBank

Promoting the Right Products on ClickBank
First, you need to search the ClickBank market place for products with 5-25 gravities. You can find these kinds of products mostly on thee health section of ClickBank. However, you should avoid products that have gravities in this range but do belong in the popular niches like weight loss and making money online since they can be very competitive.

Next, you need to look at the landing page of the products you have selected. Is the landing page professionally designed and written? Is the product set at a reasonable price? If yes, then you should email the product owner by asking if you can get a review copy for the product for you to evaluate it. If the product owner does not respond, then you should not waste any more of your time with him. However, if the product owner considers your request, then make an assessment about the product then tell him what should be the things that need to be improved. if you will be able to collaborate with him in a good way, then you will potentially earn more commissions provided that you are able to make a lot of sales.Promoting the Right Products on ClickBank


How to Promote?

You do not need to incorporate challenging and tricky methods just to promote the products you need only three easy methods like microjob sites, YT, and PPC. Since you picked a low gravity or low competition products, then any of these three methods can work for you.

  1. if you set up a Youtube video or a Microniche site, then you will easily be able to improve the ranking of your products on Google. If you choose microniche sites, then have at least 5 pages of contents for your products. If you choose YouTube, then the key is to rank on Google. You should rank both in YouTube and in Google since ranking high on only one of these will not be effective.You can read here how to rank you tube video .


  1. if you choose PPC, then you should search for low CPC keywords. Try to use Bing ads and then target Canada, UK, and US only at the start. You can also use Facebook ads but make sure that you are getting a CTR of at least 1 to 2 percent. if not, It means that your campaign is not effective enough and that you should make changes in order to improve it.If you want to through Seo you read this post i am sure it will help you alot


The next thing for you to do is to analyze your stats in Click Bank. If you get conversation rates of less than 1 percent, then there is something wrong with what you are doing. There may be something wrong with the vendor’s page or you may not be generating enough traffic. What you should do is to email the vendor and ask for his advice regarding the matter. A good product owner will surely be able to help you with this.

Scaling Up

Repeat the entire process for 5 to 25 more products. You will notice that you as you go along doing this; you will be able to become more and more skilled. If you think that you are ready to take on the next level, then go promote the high gravity products.

That’s it for this guide! Good luck!