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How To Provide External Link Building For Website

In “SEO Section” if you remember,  we had divided the factors that do influence Google’s algorithm into two basic categories.

  1. ON Page:

ON page factors basically decide the positions of the webpage. It includes numerous things like code quality, technical issues, textual issues, and much more.

  1. OFF Page:

OFF page factors basically incorporates links to your webpage. Higher the links pointing towards your website, brighter are the chances that you page will be ranked at top.

As far as the “OFF-PAGE” factors are concerned, it is very hard to make it influential towards Google’s algorithms. There are number of reasons for that. For example, if your website provides content / services related to TRAVELLING INDUSTRY, the competition would probably be high to rank your keywords over search engines. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to rank the keywords related to any underdog industry.

Links From Other Websites

The only way to make the OFF-PAGE factors influential towards Google’s algorithm and for the better ranking of your website in its database, it is very important for you to get links from external sources. In order to make your site SEO – friendly, you have to find and collect quality links pointing towards your website from other sites.

How External Links Can Help In Better Ranking?

There are four basic benefits that are generally associated with the links acquired from external sources:

  1. It definitely uplifts the value of RECIEVING PAGE which ultimately increases the visibility of your website against search results.
  2. It helps you to analyze which specific pages of your website are being searched in Google and what sort of attention is required towards dead pages of your website.
  3. When people would visit your website – you can come to know about their SEARCH ITEMS resulting in expansion of the website properly.
  4. When people do get diverted to your website from external links – it means direct traffic to your site.

The external links that are responsible for diverting people towards your webpage can be a very tricky business. The value of the link that redirects towards your website can only be beneficial if the topic on the external website is somewhat similar to yours. Getting people diverted to your webpage from such a topic that is entirely different on both the domains would certainly not appeal them at all. Furthermore, the links that are embedded in the content are worth people’s attention as compared to the ones available in footer or sidebar.

Don’t Let The Bad Reputation of External Links Hurt Your Website SEO MAn

In recent couple of years, link building is being criticized largely by the online industry. There are dozens of different reasons for it. One of the major reasons that have been observed is that people misuse the external links at large. Online developers try to attract traffic from such websites which has nothing to do with the services / products / information that your website is providing. This certainly leads to awkward situation for the online visitors. Furthermore, some companies try to purchase external links and then miss-use it for their own marketing purposes. Google has started to detect and penalize such companies and online developers but this certainly has put a negative dent to link building process. If you are found guilty of misusing the external links, Google will make your website vanish from its database leaving you with no other choice but to start the whole thing again from scratch. But still, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t opt for the link building provided that you do it with righteous manner.

Don’ts For Link Building

Whenever you opt for the external link building for the promotion of your website, make sure that you don’t pay a single penny for it. Never ever avail the services of such companies that claim to get you external links against any fee / charges. If the traffic gets diverted to your website from such pages which has nothing to do with the services you are providing, it will definitely hurt your reputation.

In addition to it, it is also very important for you to have potential visitors. That means, people who get diverted to your website from external links if don’t stay on the site for long enough then these links are of no worth. Search engines have certainly raised their artificial intelligence capabilities which let them know about the true external links and the fake ones.

 PR-Activity Outreaching

Make sure that you do opt for the external link building on the clear understandings that it is simply a marketing strategy and not a trick at all. However, link building is no easy deal. This process will certainly eat your time and brain. It is a gradual process that should be kept alive in order to make the people realize about the existence of your website.