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How to Remove your Last Name on Facebook?

How to Remove your Last Name on Facebook with Easy Steps?

This is a quick, easy to follow, and simple tutorial on how to remove your last name on Facebook. Normally, you would not be able to do this due to Facebook’s policies and requirements on account names. Fortunately, with this guide, you will be able to.

First of all, you must use the Firefox browser when following the steps below. You can use Google Chrome but you have to figure out yourself how to follow the steps and navigate through the pages.

  1. Using Firefox, log in to your Facebook account by entering your email address as well as your password and then click the “log in” button.

Lenugage Facebook window

  1. On the upper right part of your Facebook page, click the arrow that will bring down the drop down choices containing the “settings” choice. Choose that.

facebook setting window

  1. Select the language setting then change your current language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Gernral setting

  1. Click on save changes.

facebook lanugae

  1. Look for an Indonesian proxy for you to use. You can search the web for websites giving some free Indonesian proxies. You may try some proxies first before finding one that is not yet dead. Just keep on searching until you find the right one.

Setting country

  1. Go to options, click on advanced and then choose network.

Network opation

  1. In the network tab, click on your connection settings.


  1. After click on connection settings, another window will open. In here, you will see a few options. By default, the radio button named “use system proxy settings” is selected. You need to change it to “manual proxy configuration.


  1. Input the Indonesian proxy you have found into the HTTP Proxy field.


10.       Click the checkbox called “use this proxy server for all protocols.” The fields named SSL Proxy, FTP proxy, and SOCKS Host will then be automatically filled with proxies.

change proxy

11.   Click on ok and then save the changes. If the Indonesian proxy you entered is dead, try another one. Just keep on inputting Indonesian proxies until you find a live one.

12. Go back to your Facebook page, specifically to your general account settings. Delete your last name and then it will disappear on your profile like magic. This process may be very slow. However, the effectiveness is sure so just wait for it.
general account seeting

After removing your last name on Facebook, you may want go back to your defaults including your language on Facebook and your connection proxy settings.