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How to Reset Your WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin?

In the world of internet nowadays, passwords are integral part of security. Without them, you will not be able to secure your contents on the internet as well as the other personal information you may have put on the internet. What if you use WordPress and you actually customized your theme, installed important plug-ins, and posted contents; but you just got up went to do something else and when you came back you cannot remember your password anymore. This can be devastating knowing that you have worked so hard for what you have accomplished so far. However, kill those frustrations of yours anymore because there are solutions. One of them is resetting your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin. This article will teach you how.

First, you should login to your admin account. Although launching phpMyAdmin can be tricky at first, once you know where to access it, you will encounter no difficulties by the next time you do this. If you are using WAMP, then simply click the taskbar and then choose phpMyAdmin.

Wamp Server Php Admin








If you are using other host’s file such as cPanel, then choose my phpMyAdmin located under Databases.

Next, you will find yourself navigating inside phpMyAdmin. Choose the database that you are currently using for the installation of your WordPress.

Afterwards, look for a table named wp_users included in all of the other table entries. Most people make use of default installation of WordPress, which is why this part of the table is called wp_users. However, if you did a different kind of installation for valuing security, then you may have used another kind of prefix during the installation of WordPress. The default name of this table is wp_users. However, for example, if you changed the prefix to Leila_, then this part of your table will be called Leila_users.


WP USEer Edit





After clicking wp_users, you should now look for the username you used when you installed WordPress. Once you found it, click the edit button located to the right of the yellow pencil icon found next of the admin entry.


clicking wp_users



Afterwards, look for a field called user_pass which is usually the third entry out of all the entries in the edit field. Referring to the image below, follow these directives:

  1. You will be able to find the function field in the middle of the type field and the null field. Click on this field while also looking that you are in the line of user_pass. You will be given a selection of options, then choose MD5.
  2. Next to the null filed is the value field, which is what you should change in order to reset your password. Change the value to any password you like as long as you can remember it as well as making sure that you will be the only one who will know it unless if you want to share it to some people you may trust.
  3. Click on save changes.


After that, you now have successfully changed your password. As confirmation, the database may notify you that you have made changes. You may also be required to do an email confirmation. Make sure not to forget this password anymore. But if ever that happens again, do not hesitate to read this article once more.