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How To Run multiple Skype accounts on Windows desktop?

Skype has become a necessity with the passage of time, especially for the online marketers and earners. Many times, it has been that internet users have got separate Skype IDs for separate works. So, today Aamir Iqbal will make your learn that trick “multiple skype accounts on one windows “through which you can run multiple Skype accounts using single PC windows xp ,7 and window 8.

  1. Click on the “start” and hit “run” or press “  Window Button+ r “ and wait for the RUN dialogue box to open.

Run Box

  1. In the “Run” dialogue box, type the following command to locate the installation folder of Skype. “”C:Program FilesSkype” or go to program files and skype folder.

run window

You can also right click on skype window and go to properties and see where skype installed  like below picture

skype propties

If the installation folder is located in any other location than “C” drive, then access manually.

  1. Upon successful approach, you’ll see this folder.

Skype folder

  1. Click the “Phone” folder & Open it.

Skype folder open

  1. Right click on the “skype” file and create shortcut .

create shortcut to desktop.

  1. Right click on the “Shortcut To Skype”  and hit “send to à Desktop” option

Shortcut To Skype


  1. Go to desktop & Right click on the “shortcut to Skype” à click Properties. Go to “shortcut” tab and Click on “target”.

shortcut to Skype

  1. Edit the target location to : “C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary.

Multi skype


  1. You are done! Bingo! Enjoy as much multiple Skype accounts as you want by double clicking on “Shortcut To Skype” from desktop.

make multi skype