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How to Stop Clickbank Affiliate Link Theft

As i discuss in my last post about Software & Tools for ClickBank Affiliates ,in this post you can learn how Software Tools for ClickBank Affiliates .Product owners can prevent affiliate link theft from happening, which will encourage their affiliates to work a lot harder to earn more commissions.

Affiliate Link Theft

ClickBank vendors are happy to know that their hired affiliates are generating more sales for them. However, there are instances when the hard earned commissions of these affiliates are being stolen from them by prospective customers. There are those people who substitute the affiliate link and those people who sign up for the program.

How to Stop Clickbank Affiliate Link Theft

Once your affiliates decide on a program that they want to promote, ClickBank will give them a unique affiliate link or a hoplink that they will use to promote your products as well as to earn commissions. The link looks like this:

Affliiate link or hoplink

This initial link that ClickBank will give to the affiliates is an unprotected one. Other customers can easily replace the link with their nicknames in order to receive the commissions of the affiliates who should be the one to receive them.

On the other hand, a prospective customer can just sign up for the affiliate program if the products are promoted to a public site. He can just then purchase the products himself. When this happens, the affiliates earn nothing.

The Solutions

In order to prevent other people form substituting the vendor id with their own nickname, the vendor id must be clocked or concealed in two areas that it will surely become protected: in the affiliate URL and in the order link of the sales page of the product owner.

What the Vendor Should Do

If you are the vendor, you should not allow the link to the order page to be visible like this:

Instead, you should replace it with a redirect link, a link from an affiliate link management script, a link from an affiliate management product, or a tracking URL.

Do not do this

What the Affiliate should Do

Do not show the hoplink like this:

You should replace it instead with a redirect link, a cloaked link produced using an affiliate cloaking program like affiliate cloner, or pretty link for wordpress and a tracking URL.

Do not show this link

Preventing Affiliate Program Sign Up

Normally, there would be links for prospective customers that entice them to become affiliates for a particular program. When they decide to sign up for the program, the affiliates will not earn commissions. In order to prevent this from happening, you can do the following:

  • Reduce the visibility of the overt link. You can just put the link to your about page or FAQ page.
  • Restrict the affiliate program. You should tell the customers that the affiliate program is open for sign up only to selected individuals.
  • Have a separate page for affiliate traffic. You should create a separate landing page that will have your sales copy and order link.