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How To Use ClickBank Affiliate site for AdSense

One of the most common methods for website or blog owners to earn income from what they do is by displaying Ads from Google Ads or what is called as Google AdSense. You can read here how to approve Google adsense account .The website owners can earn revenue when their website traffic decides take action with the ads displayed on their website. For every action the visitors take, Google AdSense will pay the website owners. Furthermore, these ads are related to the content or specific niche of the owner’s website.

Google Adsense


Although in general the Google ads are free services, there are some disadvantages:

  • You should still apply your website on Google.
  • There are limitations when it comes to posting ads on your website.
  • You do not control what the content of the ads should be.
  • When a visitor takes an action on your website and makes a sale through it, you will not benefit from it.
  • The pay to you per click is low.

However, since you will be making use of Click Bank, there are some alternative products which may be the most suitable one for you. These products are excellent in general for they have the following features:

  • The ads are designed specifically for Click Bank products.
  • You earn your full commissions for every sale rather than pay per click.
  • The keywords are provided from the page content or you can specify your own instead.
  • You can decide where to place your ads.
  • The reporting procedures are better than those of AdSense.

These products also operate or function in similar ways. For instance, these products first present a form where you have the power to customize the ad blocks and then generate the code that you can paste on the pages where you want these ads to appear.

Currently, the most recommended product for you would be the CBProAds. This tool allows you to show your ads in different formats namely, widget ads, contextual ads, banner ads, list image ads, block image ads, carousel image ads, slide ads, and scroll ads. Moreover, CBProAds allows you to use the storefront capabilities in ClickBank. To know more about that, check the storefronts section.