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How To Write Friendly SEO & Optimized Content For Website

The text which is contained by a website holds a very significant position as far as Google’s algorithm is concerned. Google crawls through your website and detect the relevant keywords which are to be indexed in its database.  ( You can read here about Google crawls .) That is why, it is highly suggested that do pay your full – fledge attention while providing text / content into your website. Mark the important keywords with such prominence that it should look comfortable with the content.  However, inserting intense density of keywords can also ruin the readability and appeal of the content. This guide will let you know all the basic understandings and hand-on knowledge regarding practical tips of SEO Copywriting.

Optimized Content

Think Wisely Before Writing

It would be no wrong to say that copywriting is quite a profession that certainly can’t be adopted by anyone out there. And, when it comes to prepare such a content that is to be optimized – it becomes even difficult for the writers as well.  Before getting into writing, it is highly suggested to first ensure that you have got everything cleared in your mind as far as the services / products being offered by your website. For better understanding, it is suggested to review the sections related to Keyword Research:

It is very important for you to think clearly before you write because content is the only factor that will drive the online traffic to your website and ultimately the sales from it. You have to convince the readers that the services or the products being offered by your website are worth purchasing. It’s all about selling the stories. The stronger your story would be – brighter are the chances that it will get sold in good numbers.

Proper Use of Keywords:

Of course, you have to give special prominence to the keywords in the content but it doesn’t mean that you can compromise over the quality of the content. Proper insertion of keywords within the content is quite a task and one has to do it wisely. Make sure, the keyword density doesn’t exceed much as it would make your content look awful. For example, if you want to rank a keyword “Football Kits” then it wouldn’t be quite an appealing approach to type “Football kits” in every sentence you write in the content. It will certainly make the audience lose its interest. Keep in mind one thing that Google wants its users to get facilitated not annoyed. For this purpose, your content must need to maintain its readability, quality and strength.

As far as the keyword density is concerned, we would like to suggest you that keep it upto 2% against the content of 300 words. Also ensure to not post any content which is less than 300 words. So, you are allowed to insert the keyword 3-6 times roughly in the content of 300 words.  There’s no science behind having 300 words of content at least. It is known to be a balanced quantity for the content that looks quite decent on the website.

Using Subheadings

Even if you pay your full – fledge attention towards writing the quality content, it would still make the audience lose its interest if there is no usage of subheadings and proper paragraphing. On the other hand, the technical drawback of the content that lacks proper paragraphing and subheadings is that Google might not be able to grasp the theme-line of your content, post or the articles to rank. Subheadings work as a scanner for both the audience and Google to let them know that what your content is actually about.  It would be better if you can properly insert the keyword in subheadings but not all. For better understanding and further details regarding “Headings & SEO” – you are requested to go through this post.

Don’t Make the Content Over – Optimized 

Over-optimization is one of the biggest concerns of website owners, these days. They hire such writers which don’t possess much knowledge about the optimized content and literally end up at a bad note. When you over-optimize the content, Google thinks that you are trying every possibility to rank the keywords by compromising over the quality, strength and readability of the content.

WP SEO Plugin & Content Writing

There are dozens of plugins available in wordpress which can actually check the content whether it is optimally optimized or lacks anything. Anyhow, before you get started with any such plugin – it is highly advised that first ensure if that plugin is able:

  1. Download such a plugin that allows you to formulate the meta-description accordingly. Meta description has to be short which only is to be subjected with the summary of the content that you are going to provide later in the website. If you are able to rank the keywords in meta-description that people are looking for, Google will display it under the URL of your website against search result.
  2. Make sure that plugin has enough capabilities to analyze your content. It should be able to calculate Flesch score reading easily that basically denotes the readability of the content.
  3. Ensure that plugin does go through number of checkups of the content before you publish it for the online visitors. Make sure that it’ll let you know if the keywords are not given proper prominence. The 5 important locations are to be checked by the plugin where proper inserting of the keyword is very important – namely Title, Article Heading, Meta Description, Content & URL.
  4. Make sure that the plugin you are going to work with has enough capabilities to check proper density of the keyword usage against the given content. In addition to it, it should also be able to check that the keywords which are to be targeted are clearly inserted without any mistakes on different locations of the website. In this way, you’ll avoid competing yourself.

Keeping Your Website Well-Updated

It is highly suggested to regularly update your website in order to increase its findability over search engines. It is not necessary that you do update your website on daily basis but over the regular interval of times only.  By doing so, it will indicate the Google that your website is live and up to dated. It will certainly appeal Google to show it in search results in the best interest of the people.  And yes, don’t forget to prepare cornerstone content as well.