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How you can promote CPA Offer and Earn More

If you utilize CPA marketing as your primary monetizing method online, then you are most likely enjoying how you earn considerable amounts of cash. Once you have been approved by a CPA Network, a great opportunity has been also bestowed upon you. Although the application process may be difficult and tricky at first, your venture to earn cash through CPA marketing does not end there. You still have to face and overcome all the obstacles and predicaments that you will encounter on your way to earning money. In order to accomplish this, you have to keep in mind several tips and guidelines to make more money with CPA marketing as well as to promote your website.

When you apply to a CPA Network, you should be extremely honest to be accepted. However, you honesty does not end there. You should be honest all the time with the CPA network you are working with. Once in a while, certain details and information will be demanded and asked from you. You should answer truly and honestly to prevent any disputes which may result to you being kicked out of the CPA Network’s circle.

The image below shows an example of a CPA Network’s Application form. When answering it, you should provide all necessary and correct information.


Picking the Right CPA Offer

After being accepted by a CPA Network like Maxbounty for example, you should now pick the right CPA offer. Picking the right CPA offer is a must. You would want to ensure that the visitors of your site or the traffic of your website will most likely perform all necessary actions to satisfy the “”Cost per Action” scheme. When choosing the right offer, you should remember some several pointers. These pointers will also help you earn more from CPA marketing.

Make sure that the actions involved in the CPA offer can be easily done by your website’s visitors. When we say easy, it means both easily done without any difficulties and can be accomplished in no time. There must be nothing that the user does not understand which may irritate or annoy him, making him quit taking any actions at all. The offer should also take no time to be completed. As a general rule of thumb, up to two minutes should be the only time that the users should allot in order to complete taking the action involved in the CPA offer. The image below is an example of a CPA offer that can be easily accomplished by users. All they have to do is to enter their email, which can be surely accomplished by anyone in no time. In addition, once you make the actions a lot easier to be performed, users will most likely take them. Therefore, more chances for you to earn more cash.A Good Example is like this

get an iphone

  • The landing page or the site where the user will be redirected should be attractive and appealing enough to make sure that the users will be spending some of their time in taking these actions of CP offers. If the landing page is unattractive, then users may easily get turned off and instantly click the x mark on the page to close it. When this happens, you will be unable to earn more commissions compared to users completing the actions. Therefore, if you can make the landing page more attractive and appealing to users, you will most likely earn more. The image below is an example. This landing page is most likely affiliate to a website about food or pizzas. This landing page is attractive enough and has enough details on it such as the 100 dollar gift card offered the name of the offer, and the things that should be done. The designs are attractive as well, especially the pizza which certainly makes you crave for It.

Get 100$ gift

  • CPA offers that are related to events will most likely get or attract more users. You should choose an offer that relates to your website’s focuses as well as other factors such as the current season or special events. The image below is an example of a CPA offer promoting an event. Once users click on the “enter now” button, they will have the chance to win 5000 pounds or the TESCO event. Ads like these are enticing and can be taken care of by many users. Since there will be more users to take actions, there will be more cash to be earned.
  • chance to win 5000 pounds

Traffic and Leads Generation

Traffic is a very important component of CPA marketing. You should be able to generate more traffic into your website to be able to generate more leads. A good way to do this is through 7search with their pay per click search engine advertising network. With this, you will be able to get more visitors into your website. Once you accomplish this, you can earn more cash through the leads that you can generate from your website’s visitors.

some smaller CPA Networks

If you have been working with some smaller CPA Networks for a while, it is now a good time to incorporate your website with peerfly or maxbounty, both of which are eminent sites when it comes to CPA marketing.

Incorporating Ads into Your Website

After finding the right offers, you should now incorporate those ads into your website in such a way that they will not look disfigured or out of place. You should integrate advertising into your website. Believe it or not, CPA marketing ads are just as appealing and attractive as real life ads. You will surely encounter no difficulties in accomplishing this. However, you should keep in mind not to make the ads or designs the main attraction of your website since the visitors of your site will most likely be turned off about your site. In fact, websites that contain too much ads as if the website themselves are ads, are very unattractive. Fortunately, you can select offers with good ads that fir your website. In fact, you can incorporate as many ads or banners as you like in your website as long as you make use of integrated advertising. For instance, the website below contains many banners and ads, making it a rich website for CPA marketing, yet it still looks attractive and simple, attracting more visitors into the site.

Buying a Domain Name

Technical issues are also of major concerns if you want to earn more money through CPA marketing. One thing you can do is to buy a domain name for your website to make it much more legitimate-looking. Websites that do not have “proper” domain names like for example, 12kdao182 b.com, can be really unattractive and untrustworthy to many people. However, if you can change that to thegamingnetwork.com, then you have just greatly improved the legitimacy of your site in term of online users’ impressions. Therefore, if you can make online users trust your website more, then you can get more visitors into your website, which means that you can potentially earn more cash.

Promoting Your Website

After all of those money-making tips, you should now accomplish all proper measures to promote your website, again to potentially earn more cash. You can actually do this by taking some actions, some of which are easy to be accomplished and some are more difficult to do.

  1. Online Promotion: if you have a high earning website and if you want to earn more, then you could spend some cash to make advertisements solely to redirect people into your website. If you as an online publisher is being used by business owners to generate leads, you can be a business owner yourself to use some people to promote your business through advertisements. If you are still starting without any additional cash allotment for advertisements but you still want to do it, then you can make use of several cheap advertising techniques and practices online to promote your website. You only have to conduct a little bit of research in order to get the results you are looking for.


  1. Fiverr: Fiverr.com is a great way to advertise manually and physically. Fiverr is a micro-job site where people post certain things that they can accomplish, which are called gigs, to people who need them. So for example, if someone is selling his gig which is actually a painting, then another person looking for a painting may just purchase that. You can make use of Fiverr to promote your website by paying people to make flyers, distribute flyers, post tarpaulins, and other kinds of ads on real locations. You can assign them to distribute the flyers about your website that you have created to people who will most likely go into your website. You may also ask them to post several advertisements on the subway or the streets to promote your website and get more traffic from the people passing by and noticing your website promotions. Fortunately, these services can be accomplished by you in cheap means through Fiverr. You do not have to have any problems regarding cash for payments.Fiverr Screen Shot

Now that you know how to earn more cash and promote your website for CPA marketing, you will surely be able to travel the path of success and earn piles and piles of cash with CPA marketing. If ever you forget something important, be sure to check this article again to have the right information in your mind.