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What is the ideal Keyword Density for SEO

What is keyword density in SEO?

Keyword density is the percentage of the keyword that appears in page divided by the total number of words on that page.

For example, if you have any article of 100 words and you are using one keyword 10 times then your density will be 10%.


  • (Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

The reason behind to place keywords on a web page or post is to make search engine bots understand your content better for these Keywords, and you can rank for those keywords.

But the density of keywords is no much matters but still it has some worth.

But we don’t know how much keywords we use in the one page or one post Article or what is the keywords density percentage in our website.

What is the ideal Keyword Density for SEO

What is the ideal keyword density percentage for Our Website Page/ Article?

Here’s a famous myth:

  • If we use our focus keyword many times, then we will rank higher in SERPs easily.

It is the totally wrong approach if someone is doing this then Google may treat your page as a Spamming and may you get Optimization penalty.

Here is an example of keyword stuffing:

  • Custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at custom.cigar.humidors@example.com 

You see that in this “cigar humidor” keyword is used, again and again, that is stuffing and may cause penalty.

What is the ideal Keyword Density for SEO

What is the Best use of Keywords:

Google suggests writing natural articles. There is no ideal percentage, but placing your keyword in a natural way that will work best.

In short, you to keep a good keyword density percentage that looks like natural and not stuffed.

Best Density Percentage:

There are many online keyword density tools available which you can use to calculate your keyword density. I recommend you Try to keep your density around 1.5%.

So where should you place your keyword?

  • Try to use in the permalink.
  • In H1 heading tag.
  • In H2 heading tag.
  • Meta title tag.
  • Start of the article or first paragraph.
  • Try to use End of the article.
  • Add relevant images and use your keyword in anchor text.



  • Avoid stuffing of keywords.
  • Try to make your content more useful and natural.
  • You can use videos and slides or images to make your content attractive.

Some Pointers:

  • Keyword density is useful for SEO, but stuffing should be avoided.
  • Articles should look natural.
  • Use Bold and italicize your keyword and other important “semantic keywords.”
  • Use keyword variations don’t use the same keyword again and again (Ex: Search engine optimization, SEO, search engine ranking).
  • Use LSI keywords.
  • Use a WordPress SEO plugin or online tool to check keyword density.

In the end, some other factors for ranking are:

  • How useful is your article for users?
  • How informative is it?
  • How many Natural social signals are your articles getting?
  • How many backlinks is your article getting?

Besides of these hundreds of other signals which Google considers when ranking a site. Keyword density is certainly one of those signals.