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Increasing ClickBank UpSell Through A Special Method

This guide will teach you the best ways of increasing your sales in ClickBank through a special method of offering upsell.

to your customers. By following this guide, you will be able to achieve your sales targets without having to put in much effort.

Also, this guide does not require you to generate tremendous amounts of traffic. You also do not need to change your current website or the price of your products. This guide is beneficial for both vendors and affiliates. On one hand, vendors can do the things mentioned above. On the other hand, affiliates can incorporate the techniques taught in this guide to earn more commissions though upsells.

What is an Upsell?

An upsell is simply an offer of additional products to current customers. It works by offering more products to an existing customer. For example, if a customer purchased Book 1 from you, then if you have a Book 2, you can offer that book to that same customer.

Upselling can be done in two ways. First, the vendor or affiliate can offer the additional product on a customer who is on the “buying mode.” He will take advantage of that “buying mode” of the customer to sell more of his products. Second, the vendor or affiliate can offer the additional product days after the purchase of the first product. This I usually called a “follow up” to customers in order to see if they are interested into buying more of the vendor’s products.

These two ways of up selling can be offered through Clickbank in three major ways:

  1. The offer can be included in the download file after a sale has been made with a customer. The advantage of this is that you are not bounded by any ClickBank rules and regulations when it comes to your way of presenting the offer. However, the disadvantage of this method is that customers who may have downloaded the purchased file may not immediately open the presentation that contains the offer, thus losing the momentum for up selling.
  2. the offer can be included in the Thank You page. When you follow this method, you should abide by the rules and regulations of Clickbank when it comes to product presentation. Moreover, you should not give various offers too your customer before you give him the access to his purchase since he might get frustrated, especially if he urgently needs the purchased product.
  3. The offer can be made immediately through the PitchPlus system of ClickBank. This system was introduced by ClickBank in April 2011. The system allows the customers to enter his credit card details only once. Therefore, if he wants to purchase more products, he can instantly do it without having to re-enter his credit card details.

How Does PitchPlus Work?

When a customer makes a purchase with the standard ways of ClickBank, he will be redirected to a thank you page that contains the download link for the purchased product.

Thanks you

However, with the PitchPlus system of ClickBank, after making a purchase, the customer is taken to a page containing the thank you message as well as an additional offer for another product. it somehow looks like this:


When a customer makes a purchase, ClickBank will redirect him to a page that contains the items he has purchased as well as the things that they should do in order to access them (through download links in most cases).

ClickBank offers a more advanced version of the PitchPlus system whereby it allows the vendors or affiliates to offer up to 3 upsells. The routine works in similar ways to each of these three upsells. If the customer decided to purchase all 3 upsells, he will then be automatically redirected out of the consecutive upsell routines in order to terminate the upselling sequence.

This advanced version of PitchPlus offers additional features which users can take advantage of. Such features include the upselling with a product of another vendor’s account.

The Rules of PitchPlus

Since Pitchplus is a system offered by ClickBank, It comes with several rules and regulations that users must follow in order for their upselling pursuits to be considered valid. The rules mainly talk about the upsell page content. The rules are as follows:

  • The price must be clearly states on the upsell page.
  • The accept link or button must clearly indicate that the customer is making a purchase. The name should be something like “add to cart” or “buy now” and not something like “click here to continue.”
  • The decline link or button must be somewhere near the accept link or button.
  • No exit popup should be used since it is not allowed on the upsell page.
  • After ClickBank’s approval of your planned upsell flow, you should not make any changes with the price of the product, the wording, buttons, and images included in your upsell page content.
  • External links aside from the purchase and decline links are not allowed.

PitchPlus Tips for Vendors

  • The product that you want to upsell should be complementary or related to the first product you are selling.
  • Since upselling with the PitchPlus system do not require customers to re-enter their credit card details, you may want to include that note in your pages so that customers will be enticed to buy the products you upsell to them.
  • Highlight or emphasize to your customers the fact that no more upselling will be made once they press the decline button.
  • Since you are not allowed to include any form of external link on the page, you should clearly state to your customers what your additional offer is all about. This can give you an advantage since customers will most likely be enticed to purchase the products you upsell.
  • Make use of upselling to set a considerable commission rate to your affiliates. However, it is up to you to choose whether you want to upsell in order to give additional benefits to your customers or if you want to keep the upsell product sales to yourself only.

You can actually inform your affiliates about the good commissions you can give them with upsells though the vendor spotlight section of ClickBank. In order to access the vendor spotlight section, go to account settings then choose my spotlight.

PitchPlus Tips for Affiliates

if you want to find vendors who make use of the PitchPlus system for upsells, you can find most of them in the ClickBank marketplace by specifying the PitchPlus upsell icon. You can also use the advanced search option to specify that you want to find vendors who offer the PitchPlus system for upsells in order for you to earn more commissions.

However, the search results will not tell you the exact figures of the commissions you may earn by working with a vendor who makes use of the PitchPlus system. Therefore, you need to speak to the vendor yourself to extract this kind of information.

The PitchPlus Guide (Technical)

If you are an affiliate, then you could skip this section since this will teach the vendors how to set up and manage their PitchPlus systems for upselling.

If you want to sell another item after item 1, let us say item 2, then there are three things that you should do.

  1. Set up an upsell page where you will be offering your item number 2 to your customers.
  2. Using your ClickBank account, create an upsell flow for item 2 where you can specify the upsell page as well the commission that your affiliates will earn.
  3. Change the order form for item 1 in order to apply the upsell flow so that item 2 can be offered after the customers make a purchase with item 1.

The Upsell Page for Item 2

The key components of the upsell page are shown in the image below. You can use your own words for the first two sentences. However, you should strictly follow the format and requirement of the accept and decline links.


Create the Upsell Flow

In order to create an upsell flow, go too account settings, select my products, click on PitchPlus Upsell Flows, then chose add new flow. Doing this will generate a flow number. Next, you should set the fields as follows:

  • Product: 2
  • Pitch URL: this is the item 2 upsell page
  • % commission: 30%

After this, you should submit the request to Clickbank then wait for their approval.

The Order Form for Item 1

In order to apply the upsell that you have done, you simply need to affix the flow number to the order link.


You can also set the commission rate to whatever you may like as long as your affiliates receive considerable commissions. If you want to change the commission rate, just affix the number to the flow number portion of the order link. However, if you want to change the commission rate, you still need to submit the request to ClickBank and then wait for their approval.