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Best Internal Linking Structure for SEO

Onsite SEO Internal Linking Structure for Fast Ranking

Internal Linking is the process in this we internal link the post or pages/pages or pages/posts or posts.. Whatever your SEO skill, it will help you to clean up on some internal linking basics.This structure is little bit different from silo structure.

The Definition of Internal Linking:
The internal link connects one page of a website to other different pages on the same site. Remember that in an internal link, the source domain, and the target domain is the same.

The Purpose of Internal Linking:        

  • It provides your audience further reading options. For example, if you are writing about a new product and you have past related post then if you link in your new post then it creates internal link for you.
  • It helps to improve your ranking for particular keywords.
  • It also can help you to promote events and your other services.
  • It also helps Google to crawl the site and all internal links in articles, as well as in category and tag pages.
  • Aids in website navigation.
  • Defines the architecture and hierarchy of a website.
  • Distributes page authority and ranking power throughout the site.


Internal Linking Structure has four type of terminologies hub, ring, the web, and star. We discuss in this all terminologies in details and compare which is the best for our website or blog in these days.

Hub Structure:

In this structure, all points to the central node. It could be used to point out the one page it could be your home page or another page. It does not pass the link juice it also engaged the user to this link.



Ring Structure:

The ring structure you see in diagram clearly it’s like a loop. One page or post link to next one and the end node link with first page or post.

Ring Structure

Web Structure:

Now we discuss web structure, in this structure, it is nothing more than the combination of the previous ring structure. But in this, each node point to the one central node. You can see in the diagram in which all nodes are connected to the one central node and also one node link to the next one and creating the ring surrounding to the central node.

Web Structure

Start Structure:

Now this is the final and little bit complicated from the other structures. It also relates to the ring. In this, it makes a regular ring with the link1 blue arrow are shown the Link1. In this, every post or page has two outbound links one is the next one post or link, and other is the two posts ahead to the structure. I hope the now concept is clear.

Start Structure

Commandments of Internal Linking for SEO:

  • Create lots of content. If you want to create lots of internal backlinks, then put a lot of content on your website.
  • Use anchor text because anchor text is useful for the user and also for your site ranking.
  • The best links and the most natural links in a content marketing strategy are deep within the structure of a site.
  • Use links that are natural for the reader this is the good for your SEO and also Your reader.
  • Always Use relevant links.
  • Use follow links are the best marketing strategy.
  • Use a reasonable number of internal links. But how many internal links no one knows this answer.

Best Live Example of the Internal Links is Aamir Iqbal Online.