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Making Use of Pinterest to Generate Tremendous Traffic

Today, the internet is being dominated by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. New tools and platforms are emerging causing the world of social media sites to become prevalent on the realm of cyberspace. Like Facebook and Titter, there is also a social media site becoming prevalent on the internet. It allows people to use that site like a board where they can enjoy pinning different pictures and videos. That social media site is called Pinterest. Founded on the internet, Pinterest has become one of the leading social media sites on the internet. Moreover, it has become one of the fastest growing sites with over 13 million users in its first 10 months.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is an image based site instead of a text based site. Users of this social media website pins images to their boards just like posting contents into their Facebook page. Ultimately, the user owns a board where he can pin any image he would like to pin in there. Sources of images are numerous including images from other users. Since they will be interacting with other users through image pinning, they have to option to repin the images they see on other users if they liked the image, just like sharing posts on Facebook. Furthermore, users can not only own a single board since they are free to create their own set of boards. The image that is being pinned on Pinterest however, has a real source. For instance, it can be an image of another website. When the users click on the image, they will be redirected to the website where the image originates. In general, Pinterest is a huge bookmarking site, where users can pin all the image they like once they see it on the website.
Now is the time to explain why you have to use Pinterest for your money making scheme as an online marketer. As of now, you may be wondering why this guide is recommending you to use Pinterest rather than the more eminent social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The main reason for that is that pictures or images show a lot of emotions just like what the popular saying says: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When you use Facebook or other similar sites, there is a higher chance that you will be reading posts containing pictures than those posts containing only words and sentences. For that reason, Pinterest users have higher chances of reading or understanding all the images they see on Pinterest as long as they are interesting.
Pinterest users pin the images that they love to their own boards. Once in a while, they can go back to see these images. Repinning of images on Pinterest is a usual event. In fact, once an image starts to be pinned by other users on to their boards, a domino effect is highly possible. That is, more users will start to pin the image until that image becomes a hit.
Going back to the point, more than five hundred thousand business companies have Pinterest accounts. Why? Because they make use of Pinterest as a medium to generate leads for them. They share the images of their products that people might get an interest of. If so, these people who only saw the pictures of their products are the ones who become their instant customers. Therefore, there is more revenue for them. In addition, more than thirty percent of the companies belonging in the Fortune Global 500, an annual ranking of the 500 top earning corporations in the entire world listed by Fortune magazine, are users of Pinterest. Furthermore, users of Pinterest tend to spend more cash than users of other social media sites.
Pinterest also excels when it comes to online marketing because of the presence of a hungry market. The hungry market is those people who are waiting for you in order to throw their money at you in exchange for the products that you sell. As a matter of fact, it is so much easier to find a hungry market to sell them your products that it is to do the reciprocal. Furthermore, when business owners sell products via Pinterest, the conversion rates are much higher than usual. This means that online marketers like you who want to be affiliated to business owners have higher chances of earning more cash commissions if you make use of Pinterest as a medium to generate free traffic which will then become leads.
As of this point, Pinterest has over 70 million users. This means that you can possibly generate as much traffic and leads as possible. Moreover, Pinterest drives a lot more referral traffic than other media can, including YouTube, Linkedin, and Google Plus, and even the combination of those three. That fact is really surprising. This means to you that you can earn as much as possible through traffic and conversions alone.
Now, without a doubt, Pinterest is a great medium to generate free traffic. For the next section, you will be learning how to choose a specific niche for your website.