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Names That You Should Use On Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the largest known social networking platforms that online users ever came onto. With the passage of time, users on Facebook became a social community while sharing every precious second of their lives. In the same context, Facebook does demand some loyalty from its users as in to reveal their real identities instead of using fake names. It helps a lot and falls in the best interest of the social community when you get connected with them with your real identity. Characters that are forbidden to use in names are as follow:

Names That You Should Use On Facebook

×        Numbers

×        Symbols

×        Unusual Capitalization

×        Multiple languages’ characters

×        Titles ( Religious, Professional)

×        Phrases

×        Offensive Nicknames

The above mentioned are some of the characteristics that one should keep in mind while depicting his / her name on Facebook. You should put your original nickname for a number of good reasons. Security is the primarily concern of social networking platforms. Facebook does protect the rights of online users and individuals who are the part of it by providing them optimum safety. You never know when things can turn around and you can be banned due to fake name or identity.

Following are some of the factors that you should also need to keep in mind:

√  Exactly the spell the name of yours as it is stated on your driver’s license / credit card.

√  There’s no problem if you are using the nickname as first or middle name.

√  You can add additional name onto the same account that will appear on your timeline.

√  Make sure the content that you are posting under any name is justified and doesn’t violate the right of any individual or community by any means.

For the uninformed people who already had an active account under fake name can change their identity easily or if they are unable to do so then report to facebook’s officials.