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How to Outrank Your Competitors

How to outRank Your Competitor in Search Engine this the point that has in every Online Marketer Mind. Now You not need to worry. We reveal the Trick how you easily outrank your competitor in Google or other Search Engines. Also, other techniques are used to analyze your competitor and competition. But we discuss one of OutRank method with the help of this method you quickly find the weak points of your competitors and rank your keyword higher in Search Engines. In this, we use very popular tool that is Market Samurai. This tool also has many other features and benefits. But at this time we just talk about SEO Competition analysis feature.


Most of the Internet marketers do not focus on Research and OnPage SEO they just focus on Backlinking that is the big mistake that they do. Another big mistake is most of the Marketers make Backlinks against poor keywords.

Open this mention Software in your Laptop or Pc and go to the SEO Competition option its analysis some stats. First, we analyze the OnPage Condition of our competitor and find the weakness and make our Article without these deficiencies.

In OnPage SEO we comparison the keyword in Title, Keyword in Url, Keyword in description and keyword in head. First, we fully focused on OnPgae SEO then we go to off page SEO. In off page Domain Age, Page Rank, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Index Count, Referring Domains and also many other factors that matter. After full competitor Research, you can find the weakness and make your Article Strong without any weaknesses. Then I guaranty you can outrank your competitor easily.

Rumour In Market about SEO:

  1. You can rank any keyword easily that is totally wrong.
  2. Just Spin the article and start backlinking.
  3. Just give the social share and rank. (depends on rare cases)
  4. Make PBN backlinks and Rank any keyword.

Ranking Main Factors:

Ranking Depends on Many Factors. You must know that factors and need proper optimization.

  1. Best Keywords selection for website or blog.
  2. Always put Quality Content on your website or Blog.
  3. Not underestimate the power of On Page Optimization in SEO.
  4. If need then goes for Off Page Optimization.
  5. Your Website or Blog must be User-Friendly and responsive.
  6. Always Use good Quality Hosting with 0% downtime.
  7. Use seo friendly internal linking structure.

These are the main factors many other hundreds of factors also matter on SEO. That we discuss in our Further Articles.



Explanation With Example:

  1. Download and Open Market Samurai Software.
  2. Create New Project.
  3. Put Keyword that you want to analyze and click on create a button, for example, I put “blue nail art”
  4. Click On SEO Competition appear new window then click on Generate Results
    sure that check all option On page & Off page. How to Outrank Your Competitors
  5. First, we find the on page weakness of our competitor. As you see the site that appears in the first position against “blue nail art” keyword no used keyword in title, URL and also not in the description. This is the opportunity if we use this keyword where that website not use. According to this, we compare other sites and note down the weak points. How to Outrank Your Competitors
  6. Now we check off page status of our competitor domain age, Page Rank, Indexed pages in Google, referring domains and other factors. How to Outrank Your Competitors
  7. According to this case study if you put the Article that is full On page Optimize then it will rank on First page. (Other Factors also matters that are discussed above)

Note: Backlinks are not everything in SEO, but we can say RESEARCH is the primary factor of SEO.