How to Make Online Transactions with your Customers?

How to Make Online Transactions with your Customers?Online marketing through the use of Facebook ads involve the creation of the actual Facebook ads as well as the processing of these ads for audience targeting, the creation and launching of landing pages for site visitors and prospective leads, the sending of …

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What are the Things that Make a Good Sales Page?

One you have established your email follow up sequences for your Facebook ads, you now have to create a sales page. A sales page is the main page of your site responsible for actually selling your products or services. It should be the one and only page of your site …

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How To Run multiple Skype accounts on Windows desktop?

Skype accounts on Windows desktop

Skype has become a necessity with the passage of time, especially for the online marketers and earners. Many times, it has been that internet users have got separate Skype IDs for separate works. So, today Aamir Iqbal will make your learn that trick “multiple skype accounts on one windows “through …

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