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Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website Method

How to sell clickbank products without a website (The Ultimate Guide for Affiliates
You only need to talk about the product, the product owner, and a little bit about the author. You should also add why that particular product is better than the others and how that product helped you personally. After completing your article, you should place a link at the bottom of it in a format like:

“When it comes to (Your Article Topic Here), I highly recommend a wonderful resource called (the Anchor text with affiliate link here) Check it out!”

Doing this will enable you to come across a visitor who will supply a link to your product for good. Additionally, you can also place a link at the start of the article using the name of the product as the anchor text.

Unlike Enzine, Rebel mouse allows you to put affiliate links within the article through a URL shortener.  It will also not require you to create a blog or website or purchase a domain, thereby making it a lot easier for you.

Contrary to what other people say, direct linking will work fine if you know what to do with it. Commissions will also be good for you. Below is a method that you can use in order to make some decent amounts of cash. This method can be done by you easily.

The Method

Use Rebel mouse instead of enzine for the articles you write. Nowadays, getting your articles approved by Enzinne can be very time consuming since making them approve just one of your articles can take up to a few weeks. However, when you make use of Rebel mouse, the articles you can send will be approved within just a day or two. Moreover, when you have submitted the required amount of articles, the website can place an auto-send feature on you which will allow you to continuously send articles without limitations. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is how to choose the appropriate products to promote for your niche.

Criteria When Choosing Products

In order to choose the right products for you to promote, you should base your decision on some criteria.  When you take these criteria into consideration, you should keep in mind that with higher amounts of sale comes higher competition. Below is the criteria that will help you choose the right products to promote.

  • Salescopy – does the product contain coherent paragraphs, correct spelling, and proper wording?
  • Design of the Website – does the website contain professional graphics, clear buttons, and good logos that will surely convert to sales?
  • Subject matter – is the product worth buying in your own opinion? Can this product solve the problems of many people?
  • Bonus Packages – are these products good in terms of quality?
  • Produce price – is the product sold at a deserving or considerable price?
  • Gravity and Keyword Competition – is the product worth your time to be promoted?

What You Need to Do:

  • Select two to three products to promote every day.
  • Write three to four high quality review articles for each of these products.
  • Submit these articles then make them noticeable to the readers.
  • Promote your articles using bookmarking, twitter, fiverr, or more.
  • Repeat the entire process.

The most important thing that you should always remember about this is that quality should be prioritized by you more than quantity. When you write down your articles, make sure to personalize all of the contents. You are not creating a sales letter. You should write an article that entices your readers into buying the product. Moreover, you should not worry about promoting the products in a direct way since this is the function of the product page. Just tell the readers about your personal experience with that product and how that particular product has helped you. However, when you write your articles try to make them less spammy as possible. What you should do is to tell the readers how beneficial the product is.

Also, try to avoid placing affiliate links in the form of anchor texts in the articles that you will write since people can find this spammy, making them avoid or not finish reading your article. You just simply need to talk about the product, the creator of that product, a little bit about the author, why it is better than other products out there, and how did that product personally help you.

The Title 

The title of your article is very important since it will be the one that will generate traffic and commissions for you. In order to have a good title for your article, just include the name of the product, the author, and some search terms. In order to help you with that, you should simply use the search bar of Google to find 3 to 4 good quality keyword phrases that most competitors are not targeting. For instance, if will be promoting the product named “Reverse Your Diabetes Today” by Matt Traverso’,, then below are some of the keyword phrases that you can use.

  • Reverse Your Diabetes Today– Is It a Scam?
  • Reverse Your Diabetes Today Matt Traverso
  • Reverse Your Diabetes Today by Matt Traverso
  • Reverse Your Diabetes Today Ebook by Matt Traverso
  • Reverse Your Diabetes Today Course

Tip: If you put the word “Latest “ or Current year like “2014″ its also show the content is fresh and Google love fresh & new content

Below are the most commonly used phrases by authors which they find useful and profitable.

  • Product name Ebook Review
  • Product Name by Author Name
  • Product name + Software
  • Product Name + Ebook
  • Product Name – Is it a scam?

Of course, you would want to make some little change about this. But all the basic things that you need to do remain the same. Just search for a keyword phrase that most users of Google use to search. Furthermore, make sure that those keywords are not highly competitive.

Product Launches

This method Is very profitable, where in you can earn as much as $400 in just one day. Products that will soon be launched can give you a lot of commissions since people will start buying them once they are released for the general public. In order to find products that will soon b launched, look for some eminent product owners then sign in to their opt in page. Wait for them until they give you a heads up for products that will soon be released.

Moreover, you can also make use of Fiverr to earn more income. Just create gigs that will improve the validity and reputation of the products you promote. For instance, you can create gigs about video testimonials in order to entice more people into buying the products you promote.

Just do these recommended things and you will surely earn piles and piles of cash in no time.

Some Additional Tips

  • Do not hesitate to create multiple Rebel mouse accounts. This will help you in case of any emergency.
  • Keep in mind not to focus only on IM products. There are also a lot of untapped niches out there.
  • Do not put affiliate links to the author box of Rebel mouse. Instead, just put them on the body of the article.
  • Use other ways of increasing your traffic and clicks such as Youtube, Digg, and Fiverr.
  • Submit articles each day after the launch of a new product.You can also rank your you tube video you can read method in this post
  • Do not promote the product like you are the owner of it. Just tell the readers about your personal experienced with it.
  • Do not complicate things up when it comes to writing. Without a doubt, you can become a good writer each day since your skills will improve as you continue on writing.
  • Do not worry about low views since this can easily be compensated.
  • Tweet each of your articles after publishing them in order to increase their rank in Google.
  • Make use of a good graphic or picture for your author pic.
  • If the article you published does not allow affiliate links, just create a free blogspot blog where you can put your additional testimonials or reviews.
  • Keep in mind that this method works within a few days when you are just a beginner. Just take your time.

Be sure to follow this useful article. If you think that you forgot something along the way, feel free to check this again. Good luck!