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Rank Website With 301 Redirect – Seo Trick

Your SEO Website – 301 Redirect301 Redirect orPermanent Redirect is basically a permanent redirecting from an old page location to a new page location on a new site. The code status 301 means that the page is permanently moved to a new location. And this is actually the best way to ensure that the search engine is directed to an accurate page. In this article; you will be guided accordingly as to how to process a 301 redirect but first you need to know the important reminders in doing so, one of which is when you do a 301 redirect make sure that you’ve decided to forever redirect it and not just temporary because you’re going to use a different one for that, and when buying a domain you need to make sure that it has a high PageRank and that domain is not a sham.

Rank Website With 301 Redirect

So now let’s start doing a 301 redirect; but the first thing to do is you need to find and buy a website and set it up carefully, and make it pleasant and ready for a lot of work. And once you already have a website (Seo Site) ready and working we need to find domains to redirect on that earlier domain we just set up, and to do that you need to buy a high PR domain. Always remember the reminders I’ve had earlier to keep everything run smoothly. So now go to Go Daddy auctions, just click on the link and find a domain. Just quick information, Go Daddy is a well known internet domain registrar and a web hosting private company.

Go daddy aucation


So you are now on the Go Daddy auctions page, and you can see on the “Popular Searches” there is a drop down button choose “Ending Soon” to get the domain as early as possible, so as not to wait any longer as to when the auction would end to help you save a lot of time. Make sure the PR is high so you need to go through the list and check the details on the website and that it is a legit high Page Rank, because nowadays PR can also be faked. So you need to be wary in doing this if you don’t want all your efforts to get wasted.

So once you’ve found one, go to the domain and see the Page Rank. In checking for a Page Rank, you need to choose a domain that has a PR of 3 or above with good traffic just to make sure that it works well. And since you’ve got one domain, we need to double check it first if its PR is legit before we buy it. You don’t want to regret on buying something you’re not sure of, aren’t you? So once it runs through a Page Rank checker as I’ve mentioned earlier and its valid then you’re good to go. And now we go to the part where in you are now ready to redirect your new domain towards the website (SEO site) you made earlier. You just have to get another hosting account (Hostgator); and once your domain is hosted on your account you have to log in to your Hostgator cPanel, and while you’re on it go to Domains  and click on Redirects. Once done, a certain page will appear and would prompt “Add Redirect:”  and you will be seeing a message under it that says “A permanent redirect will notify the  visitor’s browser to update any bookmarks that are linked to the page that is being redirected. Temporary redirects will not update the visitor’s bookmarks.”

On the Type drop down button selection choose “Permanent (301)”, and on the next drop down button you can either leave “All Public Domains” if you have a lot of domains and you’ve them on a new hosting plan together , however if they’re on the same hosting then you’ll have to do it one by one. Once done, on the “redirects to:” you have to put the website you made which is the http://yourseosite.com and just click “Add”. Once it’s all redirected then you’re good to go. And the thing is, this is the part where you can now spam the website with back link and you’ll definitely rank for it.