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Administering Windows Server 2012

Administering Windows Server 2012

Server Manager

Server Manager is the primary graphical tool used to manage both local and remote servers. With Server Manager you can create groups of servers. This enables you to perform administrative tasks quickly across multiple servers that perform the same role, or are members of the same group.Server Manager

Try It

In this Try It you will use Server Manager to create a Server Group and explore remote server information.

    1. Login to LON-DC1 as Adatum\Administrator with password Pa$$w0rd.
    2. In Server Manager notice on the left that several server groups have already been created. For example,All Servers, AD DS, DNS, and File and Storage Services.
    3. From the Dashboard click Create a server group.
    4. In the Create Server Group dialog box, click the Active Directory tab, and then click Find Now.
    5. In the Server group name box, type LAB-1.
    6. Use the arrow to add LON-SVR1 and LON-RTR to the server group. Click OK.In the Dashboard, select LAB-1.
    7. Notice that you can select each server and then scroll through items like Events, Services, and Roles and Features.
    8. Take a minute to review what is happening on the LON-SVR1 and LON-RTR by clicking on them in theSERVERS window then browsing through the dashboard window
    9. In the Performance section,  click the tasks button and Configure Performance Alerts by modifying the values in the resultant dialogue,  then Start Performance Counters for one of the machines.
    10. Answer the following questions. (Click Show Answer for additional information.)