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Setting Up Your CPA System Part 4

Once you have your website all set up as you learn in CPA System Part 3 , you should now choose an affiliate product for your website. The affiliate product that you will choose belongs to the business owner that manufactures that product. They want you to advertise their products in exchange to you earning commissions when leads are generated, especially when your traffic decide to purchase the product.

However, you should choose affiliate products wisely- one that will fit the site you have including your niche. You should also do your business in a sustainable and ethical manner. When you do so, you will be able to gain the trusts of the visitors of your website. In order to do that, you should make sure that the products you advertise are good enough to be used by the visitors of your website. For you to make sure, try to use the product yourself to assess the quality of the product. If ever certain circumstances hinder you from using the product yourself, there are online reviews and feedback about the product that you can use to know its quality and effectiveness. So for example, if you want to promote a product related to losing weight, you should make sure that the product will do no harm to the consumers and will also be effective as it promises to its users.

There are two kinds of products that you can promote: digital and physical. If you want to promote digital products, you should search the following keywords using Google: “the niche of your website affiliate program” or “the niche of your website affiliate.” Google will then give you results regarding affiliate programs related to your niche.

affiliate program Search in Google

It is imperative to choose a great affiliate program to maximize your earnings. Furthermore, through CPA, you will have the opportunity to earn more with your website and your affiliate program. CPA is short for Cost-Per-Action. It means that whenever a visitor of your website accomplishes something regarding the affiliate program you promote on your website, he will become a lead. Whenever you generate a lead through your website, the business owner owning the affiliate program will pay you commissions. This means that when you advertise their products, it does not mean that you will earn if and only if your traffic purchase their product. Even small tasks like clicking the advertisement or entering some key information about them are good enough for them to become leads.

In order to get CPA offers, you should first apply for a CPA Network. There are many reputable CPA networks out there but the three most eminent ones are Maxbounty, Peerfly, and Neverblue. In order to apply for a CPA network, you should follow the steps below. Let us take registering to Maxbounty as an example.

  1. Go to Maxbounty.com.
  2. Click the button names “become a publisher.”

max bounty become a publisherProvide them all the required information about you by filling in the blanks.

max bounty filling in the blanks

Give them your own phone number that works since they will call you for an interview. This interview will tell if you will be accepted into the Network or not.
There will be a promotion methods section wherein your experience level as a publisher will be asked. Just tell them all of the truth. If you are just a beginner, then say that you are just a beginner. If you have been a publisher for quite some time now, then tell them that as well.

max bounty then tell them that as well

  1. When you are asked if the account you are max bounty registering is for incentive traffic, answer no.
  1. On the field that asks you about your current methods of promotion, answer PPC marketing.

max bounty current methods of promotion

On the field that requires you to input the URL of your website, just type in the domain of your website as well as the extension

Additional Tips To Get Approved

Although it may look like a lot easy to get accepted to a CPA network, it is rather difficult. It is not like signing up for an account to a social media site wherein you only have to provide basic information about you. When you apply to a CPA Network, you will really be filtered out so that the Network will be sure that you deserve enough to get CPA offers from them. They do not want prospects and commissions to go to waste. Therefore, they need a good website where the products they redirect will generate a lot of leads. Below are some tips that you should always keep in mind in order to increase your chances of being approved to a CPA network.

  • Keep in touch with them always. Make sure that you will always have your phone with you so that once they call you, you are readily available.
  • Be confident about yourself and your website. CPA networks do not like people who are not confident enough about themselves and their website. They should be proud of their accomplishments as well as what they will be accomplishing soon.
  • If you are currently living in a country where fraud is prevalent, the CPA network might turn down your application right away. In order to prevent this from happening, you should send an email to the CPA network saying that you are dedicated and responsible enough not to do crime related actions.
  • If you think you have done all but the CPA Network still would not accept you, then it is the time for you to apply to another CPA network. The next one on the line may even be the right one for you.

If you are still facing problem in approval read my other post How to apply & get approved for a CPA network .

Getting Your Affiliate Link

Log-in to your CPA Network account.

max bountCPA Network account

  1. After logging in to your account, go to campaign.
  2. You will be able to see the “category” section, go to that then choose subcategory. In the subcategory, you have to choose our niche. For instance, if your niche is about health, then choose health on the subcategory. You should then continue to choose the subcategories until you arrive at your exact topic.
  3. Click on the button named “search campaigns.”
  4. The results will include the products related to your search. Choose the product that you think will best fir to your website as well as good quality one. You can choose more as long as you are willing to promote them.
  5. Check your earnings report to see which link generated the most sales.
  6. Go to select creative type then choose text links.
  7. Take note of the affiliate link. You may see that the affiliate link I not appealing at all.
  8. TO make your affiliate link much more appealing to the eyes of the viewers, you should use a WordPress plugin called Pretty Link.
  9. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  10. Go to plugins then choose add new.
  11. Using the search bar, search for the Pretty Link Lite Plugin.
  12. Once you have found it, install it then activate it.
  13. Go to your plugins, choose pretty link, then click add new link.
  14. Enter your affiliate link and it will become the target URL.
  15. You should now enter a more appealing name for the affiliate link.

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